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Article: How To Measure For A Suit Jacket?

measuring suits jacket

How To Measure For A Suit Jacket?

You are buying a suit jacket online but have uncertainties regarding your exact size, right? One looks cool and attractive in a well-fitted suit; if you do not pay heed to the size of the shoulders, waist, chest, and sleeves of the suit jacket and wear loose or extra tight one, you might look awkward. Therefore, determining the exact size is crucial before ordering or tailoring the suit jacket. I know your next question: how to measure for a suit jacket? Well, the job seems simple, but as a matter of fact, style demands effort, and one cannot look charismatic until the person wears a well-fitted suit. So, separate your 5 minutes to prevent embarrassment and regret that your suit jacket does not resemble your body size and learn to measure size; here we go.


Measuring Suits Jacket

How To Measure For A Suit Jacket?

Everyone wants to look good, but no one wants to know how to look good. According to psychology, the more beautifully we dress, the more respect we get because our dress is the reflection of our personality and thoughts. Now, think for a second that you purchased a complete dress for more than 100 bucks, but the suit jacket is a bit loose because you sent incorrect body measurements; your money has been wasted, and you might look funny while wearing the jacket. A suit jacket is the most important part and prominent one in dressing, and if it is loose, your hard-earned money and efforts are wasted. Therefore, you should know how to measure the correct and exact size of the body to tailor the suit jacket. Here are the supplies you need to measure for the suit jacket, see below:

Supplies To Measure Suit Jacket

  • Full-length mirror to see the size and ensure the measuring equipment is on the right spot on the body.
  • Flexible measure tape for body measurement. Use tailor-measure tape instead of a common one.
  • A well-fitted shirt should not be too tight or extra loose. I suggest you wear a dress shirt, but it can work for us if you have a T-shirt.
  • A notebook for recording the body measurement.

A tailor tape is designed to measure the body; therefore, it is more beneficial. I use flexible body measurement tape because one can round, turn, and use it effortlessly. The mirror is important to see the right measurement, and a shirt is required to determine the collar of the suit jacket. In all these, I suggest you consult with a trustworthy friend or family partner because you need someone to help you measure the size. Furthermore, focus on the inches; a half-inch length or wide suit jacket may seem awkward, so do not compromise on the width and length. Gather all these supplies and proceed ahead with me; I have defined the body measurement process in simple steps. Do not wait to finish the guide; follow my instructions as you proceed further, and write down measurements in a notebook.

Chest Measurement

In this part, you measure the chest width via the tape. The chest measurement is crucial for a suit jacket. Generally, the chest measurement is 34 inches to 45 inches; however, it determines the upper body width of the coat, so be careful while measuring the chest.
  1. Step 1: Stand upright, fit your back posture, and relax your arms downward.
  2. Step 2: Ask your partner or friend to wrap the tape measurement around the chest going under the armpit. Keep it a bit snug but not too tight so that your finger can stay between the tape and the chest.
  3. Step 3: Write down the exact size of your chest in the notebook in inches.

Shoulder Measurement

The shoulder can determine the size of the sleeves; it is a part in which the overall width of the suit jacket is measured. The shoulder measurement is also essential for the back’s width. Use a flexible tape for measuring your shoulder.
  1. Step 1: Stand upright and fix your posture; relax your arms towards the earth's crust.
  2. Step 2: Measure the distance between one end of your shoulder to the second shoulder’s end via measure tape.
  3. Step 3: Write down the exact measurement in inches.

Sleeve Measurement

Sleeves are the important part; there are two kinds of measurements for sleeves: length and width. Width is a bit complicated, but length is simple; too lengthy sleeves look clumsy, so keep them a bit short. Here is an accurate way to measure sleeves.
  1. Step 1: Relax your shoulders and keep your arms downward.
  2. Step 2: Put one end of the measurement tape at the beginning of your shoulder and measure it towards the downside of your arms.
  3. Step 3: Stop on the wrist bone of your hand; shoulder to wrist bone is the standard size of the sleeves for a suit jacket.
  4. Step 4: Write it down in the notebook in inches.

Jacket Length

The length of the overall jacket is the significant part, and it requires expertise to measure the length of a suit jacket. However, the length depends upon the person’s height; it is up to you whether you choose a lengthy one or go for a shorter jacket.
  1. Step: Stand upright and fix your body posture; keep your head upside down.
  2. Step: Start measuring the body from the neck base (where the neck starts) or the collar of your shirt to the ending points of your hips. It is the standard size for jacket length, although you can go for shorter suit jackets to create a difference.
  3. Step: Note down the exact length of your body in the papers.


Measuring Suit's Jacket For Men

How To Use Measurement?

You have successfully measured the body length and width for the suit jacket, and the next task is to use it. One can use it for customization for a shirt, coat, suit jacket, or dress coat. You can use the measurement to adjust the suit coat and suit jacket. Secondly, it defines the small, medium, and large categories of the standard sizes. For example, if you are purchasing a suit coat in the market and know your size, you can effortlessly choose which one is suitable: small, medium, or large. Here, I have explained all standard sizes with their measurements.

Small Suit Jacket

  • Chest 36 to 38 inches
  • Shoulder 17 to 18 inches
  • Length 28 to 29 inches
  • Sleeve 23 to 24 inches

Medium Suit Jacket

  • Chest 39 to 42 inches
  • Shoulder 18 to 19 inches
  • Length 29 to 30 inches
  • Sleeve length 24 to 25 inches

Large Suit Jacket

  • Chest 42 to 44 inches
  • Shoulder 19 to 20 inches
  • Length 30 to 31 inches
  • Sleeve length 25 to 26 inches

Extra Large

  • Chest 45 to 50 inches
  • Shoulder 20 to 21 inches
  • Length 31 to 32 inches
  • Sleeve length 26 to 27 inches

Now you have measurements of your body, so you can choose one according to your size. These are the standard sizes; the height is not included, but suit jacket size also depends upon the height. For short people, 5 '2 to 5' 4, the suitable size is small; for 5 '4 to 5' 8, the best size is medium; and the above 5 '8 to 6 feet people should choose the large size lastly the above 6 feet people pick up extra-large suit jackets.


Men's jacket is being measured by tailor

Final Words

The fashion experts claim that fit can make you a superhero of the style, but if you follow it mindfully. Instead of choosing a long-length with a short-sleeved suit jacket, tailor it according to your exact size so it can fit perfectly. Measure all the parts carefully and include the element of your body shape; if you are slim, go for slightly loose suit jackets, and for chubby people, the wise decision is to wear a bit of snug-fit suit jackets. I have explained all about the suit jacket measurement; I hope this information will help you in the future.

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