Collection: Made to Order Jackets

A custom suit jacket is essential in every gentleman's wardrobe as it enables him to maintain a polished and sophisticated look at all times. So, explore Our latest premium collection and upgrade your wardrobe with these carefully crafted men's blazers to make an unforgettable impression on every occasion. 

Our vast collection of men's beautiful tailored jackets features a wide range of colors including the typical pitch black, gray, navy, brown, and more modern shades like beige and green. Larimars highly value its customer satisfaction and that's why, we handcraft your superior quality custom-made jackets with meticulous and skillful tailoring, as per your absolute measurement, with a promise to provide the best custom jacket you have ever purchased. 

We acknowledge the fact that no one has time to browse through a vast collection or dozens of stores to find a well-fit, ready-to-wear jacket. That's why we offer prime quality made-to-measure jackets which are backed by the guarantee to embrace your body perfectly, regardless of your personal preferences and size. 

All you have to do to get your custom-made suit jacket is to provide your measurements, sizing & styling preferences, and any special note regarding alteration. After receiving these details, our highly experienced team of tailors and stylists will start working dedicatedly to make an impeccable fit for you. In fact, they strive to make every stitch picture-perfect. 

You can customize everything in your beautiful custom jacket, from lapels to shoulder pads, inside lining color, jacket vents, pocket style, and sleeve buttons. Likewise, whether you are looking for a herringbone jacket or a classic plaid one, a houndstooth, or a flannel jacket, we've got you covered. 

With years of experience and superior quality wool, we can assure you that our stylish custom men's jacket will not only turn heads but also last several years. 

And do you know that a badly fitted suit jacket can make even the most handsome man in this world look awkward? So don't waste another second! Get in touch with us today to design your custom blazer and make yourself look more confident, polished, and attention grabber, wherever you go! 


  1. What customization options are available for Larimars' custom suit jackets?
    You can customize various elements of your custom suit jacket, including lapels, shoulder pads, inside lining color, jacket vents, pocket style, sleeve buttons, and choose from a wide range of patterns such as herringbone, plaid, houndstooth, and flannel.

    2. How do Larimars ensure a perfect fit for their custom suit jackets?
    Larimars offers elegant and durable made-to-measure jackets, where you provide your measurements and styling preferences, allowing their highly experienced team of tailors and stylists to create an impeccable fit tailored to your specific body shape and size.

    3. What materials are used for Larimars' custom suit jackets?
    Larimars uses superior quality wool to craft their custom men's jackets, ensuring both a stylish appearance and long-lasting durability.

    4. Why is a custom suit jacket important?
    A custom suit jacket allows a gentleman to maintain a polished and sophisticated look, ensuring a confident and attention-grabbing presence on any occasion.