Collection: Oxford Collection

Since the holiday season is over, it's time to ditch loungewear from your wardrobe and hang crisp & clean new Oxford shirts there. Prepare yourself in advance for many formal occasions and so many business meetings to attend this work season by raiding our racks for the best Oxford shirts. 

In Larimars Oxford collection, you will find almost everything, from modernized, upmarket picks for super special events to pocket-friendly, chic picks for everyday use. Made up of the world's best fabric; 100% Egyptian cotton, these beautiful and stylish Oxford dress shirts don't only feel smoother and silkier around your body but also last several years. 

In addition to looking luxurious, these shirts are highly breathable so you won't feel uncomfortable, hot, or sweaty wearing them. To make it more summer friendly, we launched this new Excellent Oxford collection with two variants; low and medium-weight fabric. For our valuable clients in the USA and Canada,, we provide multiple options of elegant and trendy shirts which includes our Ready To Wear Shirts, Made To Order Shirts, and Custom Men Shirts

However, you'd find extensive options to choose from when it comes to thread count, including premium 50s to Premium 2/80 X 2/80, Premium 2/100 X 2/100, and Premium 40/1 X 20/. The best part here is that all of these dress shirts comprise 2-ply fabric which is much finer, smoother, and imparts a crispier hand feel than 1-ply fabric. Besides, look and feel, two-ply fabrics, due to having tighter weaves, need less ironing. 

Even though we are diehard fans of traditional Oxford button-down shirts, this time, Larimars have introduced something different from those outdated dad's billowy dress shirts. All the men's oxford shirts in our new lineup maintain an air of modernity, with three pattern designs (stripe, solid, and check) and 10 distinct colorways, ranging from baby pink to pale blue. We also offer superior quality Ties and quality Cufflinks to complement your style.

Single button rounded cuffs add further to the versatility of these shirts, making them equally perfect for casual work days and relaxing leisure times. Choose from relaxed-fit Oxford shirts to contemporary or slim-fit Oxford shirts as per your preferences. So, just dive into our category and get your hands on some of the finest timeless items, perfect for year-round styling. 

Wait, we have good news for you! Some of our best selling oxford shirts are on sale as we are offering  45-50% discount on them. Since it's a limited-time offer, don't waste a second, HURRY UP! 


What fabric are the Oxford shirts made of?

Our Elegant and Classy Oxford shirts are made of 100% Egyptian cotton, providing a smooth and durable feel.

Are the Oxford shirts suitable for summer wear?

Yes, our Top Quality Oxford shirts are highly breathable and offered in low and medium-weight fabrics, making them ideal for summer.

Do the Oxford shirts require much ironing?

No, our beautifully designed Oxford shirts are made with 2-ply fabric, resulting in less wrinkling and the need for less ironing.

What options are available for patterns, colors, and fits?

Our Premium Oxford shirts offer three pattern designs (stripe, solid, and check) with 10 distinct colorways. We provide a range of fits, from relaxed-fit to contemporary and slim-fit, catering to individual preferences.