Collection: Denim Shirts

Accentuate your boring wardrobe with Larimars latest elegant, trendy and stylish men's denim shirts. Our button-up and button-down premium quality durable jean denim shirts are mainly designed not only to make you look handsome, rugged, and all sorts of confident but also to solve all the wardrobe-related dilemmas. 

Available in a myriad range of washes, colors, and twill weaves, our best denim shirts reflect the 100-year-old history while maintaining a timeless look and capability to get better with every wash. We, at Larimars, acknowledge the fact that denim shirts have the strength to breathe the personality of their wearer therefore, we pay special attention to details like stitching, fit, finishing, and pocket construction. 

You can get these beautiful and classic ready-to-wear denim shirts in three sizing options; contemporary, relaxed, and slim fit. By ordering after checking the size chart, you can be more than sure to receive a neatly cut denim shirt that contours all the right sides of your body, without making you look like a guy in a boardroom or an off-duty cowboy. Additionally, we offer Premium Oxford Collection and Elegant Formal Shirts for people who prefer different styles.

For making our true western denim shirts, we used 100% Egyptian cotton fabric which comes with a lot of comfort and a little bit of stretch as well. Apart from it, we also have some enzyme-washed chambray denim shirts, featuring canvas weaves which are perfect to wear in a smart-casual office. 

Our collection features excellent quality denim shirts for men in both lightweight and medium-weight fabric so you could find shirts perfect for the summer season and year-round styling. Beyond their rugged and classic appeal, they also offer great insulation during physically tiresome activities, delivering both exceptional practicality and superior comfort. To make shopping more convenient for our esteemed buyers, we provide a variety of options when it comes to shirts including Ready To Wear Shirts, Made To Order Shirts, and Custom Men Shirts

The beauty of these classic denim men's shirts lies in their ability to be dressed down or up effortlessly. For instance, you can wear the indigo blue jean shirt over a t-shirt while keeping the buttons open for a more casual vibe. However, for a polished semi-casual look, pair a dark denim shirt with white jeans or crisply tailored trousers and you'll surely turn several heads. 

So don't waste any minute! Scroll through our collection and shop your favorite denim article now to flaunt a sharp & dapper look, regardless of whatever the weather is. 


  1. What sizing options are available for the denim shirts?
    Our perfectly fit denim shirts are available in three sizing options: contemporary, relaxed, and slim fit.

    2. What fabric is used for the denim shirts?
    Our superior denim shirts are made from 100% Egyptian cotton fabric, providing comfort and a slight stretch.

    3. Are there different washes and colors available for the denim shirts?
    Yes, our premium collection offers a myriad range of washes, colors, and twill weaves to choose from.

    4. Can the denim shirts be dressed up or down?
    Yes, our elegant, cool and classy denim shirts are versatile and can be effortlessly dressed down or up for various occasions, offering a casual or polished look depending on the styling.