Collection: Men's Ties

Are you ready to look dapper at the upcoming occasions? If so, spice up your wardrobe with Larimars exclusive collection of handmade neckties. We offer delivery in the USA and Canada, but you also have the option to buy it directly from our Studio. Whether you are looking for a dot textured tie for your office wardrobe, a symmetrically patterned tie for an upcoming wedding, or a geometrical printed tie for more formal events, we have it all!

Our collection mainly comprises ties with trendy colors and vibrant patterns ranging from paisley, striped, geometric, and dot. This in turn will ensure to accentuate your appearance in a crowd, giving you a more sophisticated and well-groomed look. We also offer top quality lightweight Cufflinks for individuals seeking stylish and elegant accessories.

Most of our neckties are either made up of 100% silk or 100% microfiber so you can choose the one which goes perfectly with your outfit, nature of the occasion, budget, and lifestyle. For example, silk ties stand at a higher price point but they are perfect if you have to do too much physical activity all day long.

These best quality ties can withstand pulling and resist wrinkles while looking luxuriously soft and in shape. And since silk men's ties are more breathable and lightweight, they are perfect for hot weather. 

On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, you may go with our microfiber neckties which also possess impressive flexibility and smoothness to make a tight knot. The best part is that microfiber ties are more resistant to stains and wick moisture better which in turn not only makes them look but also smell fresh. To make things more convenient for our precious buyers, we provide a variety of options including Wedding Shirts Collection, Oxford Shirts and Custom Men Shirts

Besides the superior quality and extensive color range, the self-tipped lining also mirrors our dedication to providing the finest ties. This lining not only makes the tie visually more appealing but also gives an even, sharp point to the tip. 

So, dive into our timeless and refined collection of premium quality men's ties and shop our luxury items at discounted rates!


What are the main materials used for the neckties?
The neckties are mainly made of either 100% silk or 100% microfiber.

What types of patterns are available in the collection?
The collection offers a variety of patterns including paisley, striped, geometric, and dot.

Which material is recommended for hot weather?
Our high quality best Silk ties are recommended for hot weather as they are more breathable and lightweight.

Are there options available for different budgets?
Yes, there are options available for different budgets, with microfiber ties being more affordable while still maintaining flexibility and smoothness.