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Article: How To Fold & Pack a Suit Jacket? (Comprehensive Guide)

How To Fold & Pack a Suit Jacket? (Comprehensive Guide)

How To Fold & Pack a Suit Jacket? (Comprehensive Guide)

Are you facing the dilemma of packing a suit jacket for a trip without the dreaded creases and wrinkles? Well, do not worry, I have got you covered. Whether you are preparing to go on a business trip or any other special gathering, knowing how to fold and pack a suit jacket correctly is a very valuable skill. In this article, I will explore different techniques on how you can fold and pack your suit jacket to ensure that when it arrives at the destination, it still looks the same without any wrinkles or creases. Therefore, keep reading this interesting guide to enlighten yourself.


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How To Fold & Pack a Suit Jacket? (Comprehensive Guide)

Do you know how to fold and pack a suit jacket? Packing and folding a suit jacket while avoiding any wrinkles or creases for some may feel like a troublesome challenge, but do not fret because I have the perfect solution for your dilemma. I will tell you about three effective techniques that you can use to effortlessly fold your suit jacket to maintain its original appearance.

Method 1: Shirt-Style Fold

It is one of the most common techniques for folding and packing a suit jacket. Let me tell you step-by-step how to fold the suit jacket. Begin the process by checking that your suit is clean and not dirty because you do not really want to take a dirty jacket with you, now would you? Next, search for any flat surface and place the jacket flat on the ground, making sure that the front side is facing the ground. Afterward, roll some tissues and gently put them in each sleeve. I do this action so that the suit sleeves remain wrinkle-free and not collapse. It's a simple trick that you can follow to avoid any unnecessary creases or wrinkles. After you have placed the suit jacket, check that it's evenly spread out and is not wrinkly from any side. The next task is to gently tuck the left sleeve behind the back and then do the same with the right sleeve. You must make sure to match the shoulder seam with the jacket's center and that the lapels match up. After doing all this, gently fold the bottom hem of the jacket towards the collar. The end result will be a clean square shape. This is the simplest technique, but in the end, there are bound to be some creases, especially in the area where these folds cross each other. You can use this method when you are in a hurry to pack your stuff.

Method 2: Tucked Shoulder

This technique is a combination of the shoulder-inside-out and traditional methods (mentioned above). You can use this method when there is not enough space in your suitcase as it saves a lot of space. Let me write down the steps; First, begin the folding process by turning one shoulder of the suit jacket inside-out and then gently putting the other shoulder into it. When carrying out this process, try to be as careful as possible so as to avoid wrinkling your shoulders. In addition, try to push the shoulder as deep inside as you can to minimize the overall size of your jacket. Next, you have to do the same as I told you in the first method: gently fold the bottom half of the suit towards the top. After you have placed the suit jacket in your suitcase, I will advise you to avoid putting any excessive weight on it if you do not want any permanent creases.

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Method 3: Roll Your Suit Jacket

The title may sound weird, but trust me, this is the best technique that can guarantee the least creases and wrinkles. You may be wondering how. Let me guide you: Bring the jacket closer to you while the back of the jacket faces you. Tuck one shoulder inside out towards yourself and then place the opposite side into the inside-out portion. Remember to be gentle and avoid using any force. Next, take a shirt and roll it. This shirt will act as a tube to wrap your jacket around. Afterward, take the suit and hold it at the top around the shirt roll, and then start rolling the suit downwards, producing a smooth cylinder. This part can be a little tricky; therefore, be careful when rolling the suit to avoid any foldings. Lastly, put the rolled jacket into your suitcase, and you are ready to go.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, folding and packing a suit jacket is easy and does not require any complicated steps. You can use different methods, including traditional, rolling, and tucked shoulders, to effortlessly pack your suitcases without worrying about ruining your jacket's original appearance.

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