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Article: How To Wash A Leather Jacket?

How To Wash A Leather Jacket?

How To Wash A Leather Jacket?

Your leather jacket is infused with an unwanted smell, but you do not know how to restore its freshness, right? The problem with having a leather jacket is that it is hard to wash, and its delicate material may tear apart if you clean it mindlessly. People often use heavy detergents to wash leather jackets because the material seems thick, but it is not a solution; such detergents fade the color of leather jackets. Others wash jackets in heavy machines, which is expensive and can damage the fabric of leather jackets. You can also send it to the laundry shop, but it costs 10 to 15 bucks per piece of cloth. Learn how to wash leather jackets and save your money; I broke down the procedure in simple words and addressed the significant factors one should pay attention to when washing a jacket.


Tips to wash leather jacket

How To Wash A Leather Jacket?

Some people do not pay heed to their dirty jackets and smelly unwanted odours coming out of their clothes. Leather is a fabric made of natural materials, and it starts to deteriorate within a few days. The jacket may seem dirty and dusty, not because you did not wash it but because the fabric is deteriorating. Therefore, cleaning the leather jacket is a crucial part; otherwise, your hundreds of bucks jacket will be wasted in a few weeks. Now, come to our main point: how to wash a leather jacket? For this, you should not use heavy or hard detergents because they affect the color and upper smooth layer of the fabric. Second, never use bleach-mixed liquid for graceful results; the jacket’s color will fade away within a minute. I have gathered the list of supplies you require to wash a leather jacket.

Cleaning Supplies

  1. Soft Cloth: To dry and clean the leather jacket after washing it.
  2. Leather Brush: To clean and remove dust from leather.
  3. Leather Jacket Polish: For reviving the shiny layer on the fabric.
  4. Gentle Sponge: For cleaning and taking out the dirt from leather jackets.
  5. Leather Conditioner: Use leather conditioner instead of harsh detergents to keep the jacket’s fabric soft.
  6. Leather Cleaner: To clean a leather jacket without fading its color and weakening the fabric quality, use cleaners specially made for cleaning leather.
  7. Warm Water: Do not use hot water; it will destroy the fabric of your jacket. Instead, go for warm water with a slightly high temperature.

As I have mentioned above, leather is a natural fabric, so we cannot use common detergents to wash it. First, it depends upon the type of leather you are wearing; for synthetic leather, one can use soft washing powder, but for bison or natural material fabric, never use washing powders or detergents. Use leather conditioner and leather cleaner because it has the ability to wipe out the dirt from the roots of the fabric. Secondly, equipment like a sponge can leave scratches on your jacket, but if you use a soft sponge, it will help you clean the jacket effortlessly. Now gather all these materials and come with me because I have explained the procedure to wash leather jackets in simple steps. Here we go:

Simple Steps To Wash Leather Jacket

Step 1

Do not hurry and check the care label on the jacket; if you do not know, it is a label or paper attached to the box of the jacket or within the jacket. The purpose of the label or paper is to instruct users not to use certain chemicals or acquire a specific way to wash this leather jacket. If you find different guidelines, then follow them and wash your jacket.

Step 2

Whether you care for your jacket or not, I care for your hard-earned money, which enables you to purchase it. Therefore, I suggest you use the leather cleaner on the hidden spot of the jacket to see the effects. Because some jackets are made of composite material, which can trigger reaction and color may fade off, so apply a small amount of leather jacket cleaner on a hidden spot and check its response.

Step 3

Use the leather brush to remove the dust and dirt from the upper layer of the jacket without pouring water on it. The leather brush is useful for the dry fabric, so do not use it on the wet jacket; otherwise, it will not work. Now, carefully remove all dirt and dust before cleaning it with warm water.

Step 4

It is time to apply the leather cleaner on the jacket surface, but before you go ahead, read the instructions on the cleaner because some are useful with dilution while others are ready to use. Once you have done the inquiry, apply a small amount of the leather cleaner on the back side of the jacket, shoulders, and front. If the leather cleaner requires dilution, make a mixture in a bucket and use a sponge to apply cleaner on the jacket. Clean the jacket for 5 to 10 minutes with a sponge and cover all areas from back to front and sides. Do not rub the sponge with high pressure; instead, use it carefully so dust will come out of the fabric.

Step 5

Usually, people dampen the jacket in warm water after cleaning it with a leather cleaner, but it is not the appropriate way to wash a leather jacket. Use the soft cloth, dampen it in warm water, and remove the cleaner from the jacket by rubbing the piece of cloth. It will take you 2 to 3 minutes maximum, and the dirt and dust will be eliminated, plus the leather cleaner will be washed away.

Step 6

Remove another soft cloth to dry the leather and hang it in a ventilated area. Here is a point: some leathers have a sensitive fabric, so the sunlight can affect the color. Try to hang it in a ventilated area where sunlight is not available and hot air dries the leather.

Step 7

The interesting part is when the leather dries out after the washing process, it looks clumsy because the shine has gone, and the fabric seems upset. But we have a leather conditioner that will remove the dry skin of the leather and provide a little bit of shin. The purpose of this leather conditioner is to revive the freshness of the leather because the cleaner has removed the polished and shiny layer of the jacket.

Step 8

Lastly, use the leather jacket polish, and your jacket is new. Apply it with a soft piece of cloth from front to back and polish all parts of the jacket. You can also use the leather brush for more positive results, leave the jacket in a ventilated area for 2 to 4 minutes after polishing, and see if your jacket is brighter than before.

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Dos & Don’ts

  • Do not store jackets in plastic bags.
  • Brush the sides of the jacket carefully.
  • Do not hang a wet jacket in the sunlight.
  • Use waterproof leather conditioners.
  • Do not dampen the jacket in the bucket of water.
  • Washing with hands is better than machine wash.

Final Words

Natural leather is a rare piece of cloth because it comes from animals like bison or buffalo, which have hard skin. The process of cleaning natural leather is a bit different from other cloths because of its natural chemical formation, so if you are washing a rare piece of cloth, do not acquire a casual cleaning method; instead, be careful while washing the leather jackets. I have simplified the method into easy steps, so gather the supplies and start work on the jacket; within an hour, it will be more graceful.

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