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Article: How To Wear A Dress Shirt?

Wearing a dress shirt

How To Wear A Dress Shirt?

The dress shirt has no limits; one can wear it for parties or use it for a business meeting and put it on for Sunday prayers at church. In simple words, it is a versatile, timeless piece one can wear on all kinds of occasions. Current fashion trends have impacted the importance of dress shirts, but still, nothing can truly diminish their existence until a sophisticated fashion style replaces them; in my opinion, a dress shirt is not just a style but a different class of glamour. Our fashion and style are the projection of our thoughts and personalities; the more classy you are in terms of dressing, the more organized your mindset is. But when it comes to changing the fashion sense or acquiring a new style, people are unable to understand how to wear a dress shirt. No doubt there are complications, but if you repeat the main points, your personality will look more prominent in a group of people, so come with me to explore the major factors you should concentrate on while wearing a dress shirt.

Man wearing a dress shirt

How To Wear A Dress Shirt?

The majority of people associate dress shirts with formal dresses or business suits, but the thing is, one can wear them for casual dressing and nonformal occasions. You can wear a dress shirt with jeans and sports shoes or a dress shirt with chinos, and you are ready for the party. For example, if you are preparing for a party, it should have shiny fabric and should look more semi-formal than the office dress shirt. But for business meetings, the shirt should follow all protocols; for instance, a tie with a coat and its knot should match the dress shirt collar. Let’s start discussing all the aspects one by one, from fabric to formality and fit.

Significant Elements For Different Occasions

Fabric For Formal Dressing

The first task is to notice the fabric because there are different kinds of dress shirts, for example, poplin or pinpoint oxford. You should consider each type of fabric for a different occasion. For formal events, you should go for poplin cotton shirts. They are perfect and widely used for formal dressings such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, awards, state dinners, galas, and graduation. Another type of dress shirt you can use for formal dressing is the pinpoint oxford. I prefer these instead of poplin cotton because pinpoint oxfords are more comfortable, and there are fewer chances of wrinkles on this fabric. As well, the fabric is more sweat-resistant and provides better abrasion resistance.

What Should I Add?

  • A tie (go for complementary color).
  • A pair of oxford shoes.
What Should I Avoid?
  • The excess pattern on the shirt.
  • Wrinkles on the shirt.

Fabric Semi Formal

When it comes to the semi-formal, people are often confused about which fabric is suitable. For years, I have also been using the pinpoint oxford for semi-formal events, but later, I came to know that poplin and end-on-end cotton are suitable ones for semi-formal events. Basically, the end-to-end cotton is available in multiple colors, so you can use it for all semi-formal events, for instance, cocktail parties, holidays, conferences, networking events, and dinner at restaurants.

What Should I Add?

  • Excessive pattern tie.
  • Bold color shirt.
  • Dress shoes.
What Should I Avoid?
  • Untucked Shirts
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Jeans or cargo pants with a dress shirt

Man wearing white dress shirt

Fabric Casual Use

Although dress shirts are mainly used for formal and semi-formal events; if your love for dress shirts is unstoppable and you want to wear them for hangouts, then go for chinos and avoid ties. Pick up the untucked shirts and wear sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes. There are no specific rules for additional instructions or avoidance of something, but do not follow the formal and semi-formal rules while going to casual events.


Dress Code Compliance

Different events have various levels of formality, so one should confirm that he is following the right dress code instructions. For example, if the instructions are a black tie, then you should choose a dress shirt that is perfect for a black tie, and if you are joining a gala, then go for a dress shirt that is suitable for a tuxedo.

Color Selection

The most difficult part while preparing for an event is to select the right color, and a slight mistake can devalue your thousand-dollar branded dress shirt. For men, there are a few colors suitable, such as black, white, blue, and pale pink. I have mentioned which color is perfect for an event below.

  1. White: the color is perfect for formal events; if you are getting ready for an award ceremony, then pick up a white shirt or go for shirts with white shades.
  2. Light blue: blue is the representation of masculine traits, plus the color is most suitable for boys. Go for light blue if your skin is a bit dark, and normal blue for fair-skinned people, but to eliminate all skin color discriminations, you should go for light blue.
  3. Pale Pink: the second last is pale pink, which is suitable for boys from fair to dark and normal-skinned guys. Wear a dark-colored tie and black shoes with a pale pink dress shirt.
  4. Black: the last is the black color, which men widely wear. Black color with a burgundy tie or a shiny red silk tie looks more beautiful.


Fit is the element that, if you do not follow any rule for fitting, can make a good-looking shirt into an ugly piece of cloth. The majority of guys go for extra-fit shirts, but it is unsuitable, and extra loose shirts can make your personality awkward. There are things you should focus on while wearing a dress shirt; see below.
  1. Shoulder Width: the first step is to check whether the shirt’s shoulder ends in the exact same position where your shoulders end. It is the best way to measure a shirt. In case the answer is negative, the shirt will have an unsuitable sleeve length.
  2. Collar Fit: then comes the collar, which should snugly fit with your neck; otherwise, the shirt is not for your fit. Always choose slightly snugger-fit collars.
  3. Sleeve Length: if the shirt has both perfect shoulder width and snug collar, then measure the length of the sleeve, which should reach your thumb's wrist joint when your arms are in resting position.
  4. Shirt Length: The last thing is to check the shirt’s length; it should have a maximum length that you can tuck it effortlessly.


Wearing a dress shirt is not difficult, but if you use it for business purposes, such as meetings and conferences, then be careful because it can impact the deal. Always focus on the dress shirt color and fit; if a shirt is loose or tight, you may look awkward and convey a message of a weak personality. Go for a wide-point collar or a club collar; they are suitable for all kinds of necks.

Final Words

The thing that matters is the purpose of a dress shirt; if you are wearing it for formal use, then being nice with the accessories means adding a pair of classy shoes and going for the coat with a tie. If you are dressing up for semi-formal events, then focus on the patterns and style instead of accessories. The last is for casual purposes with jeans or chinos, go or untucked, and without tie shirts with boat shoes or sneakers.

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