Collection: Ready to Wear Suits

Shop men's premium ready-to-wear suits by Larimars. Our sophisticated wool business suits are crafted with the world's most refined materials & linings and specifically designed to provide a rapid style boost. All of our stunningly stylish and best-selling readymade suits are available in all standard sizing options with other advantages of free returns and super quick shipping. 

Like our made-to-measure suits, these off-the-rack wool suits are also made with the same attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Our online collection features an exclusively selected range of both classic & modern suits for men, ranging from traditional black and gray to more contemporary options. 

Whether you are looking for an elegant and well-made suit for a very important business event, a wedding, or a formal night out, we stock the perfect suits as per your precise taste. Wondering why we offer ready-made suits only in wool fabric? Well, we have several good reasons for that. For example, wool is more wearable and softer than other synthetic fabrications and serves as a happy medium between warmth, style, and comfort.

In addition to this, wool makes a more planet-friendly option than polyester as it degrades in a couple of months without leaving behind any pollutants. Apart from utilizing the finest fabric type to make our gorgeous ready-to-wear men's suits, we also excel when it comes to stitching.

All of our dapper and classy men's ready-made suits are made to be effortlessly impactful and classically elegant. Weaved in a houndstooth fashion and cut with sleekest lines, these suits are structured to drape gracefully onto your chest and shoulders. 

And most importantly, our lightweight wool suits are quite durable and tend to last for a lifetime or even beyond. Suitable for every season and occasion, our quality wool suit collection features endless designs, styles, colors, and sizes - all at super-affordable prices. So look no further and scroll through our catalog to find that one perfect suit with our hassle-free shopping system. 


Q1: Is a wool suit for summer or winter? 
Unlike typical wool suits, ours are made up of lightweight and 100% pure wool which comes with unbeatable breathability, comfort, and moisture-wicking properties. This, in turn, makes us ready to wear wool suits suitable for both summer and winter seasons. 

Q2: Can readymade suits be altered?
Yes, all of our graceful readymade suits can be altered if required since we craft them with extra seams. These extra seams, in turn, provide a wide room for hassle-free alteration in sizing and fitting.