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Pink Pencil Stripe | Easy Iron

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Pink Pencil Stripe | Easy Iron
Pink Pencil Stripe | Easy Iron Sale price$149.00 CAD


Experience the artistry of true craftsmanship with our shirts meticulously stitched by hand, each thread woven with utmost care and precision. Every seam is a testament to the dedication and effort poured into creating a garment that exudes unparalleled quality. From the carefully chosen fabrics to the intricate details, our handmade shirts are a labor of love, ensuring a level of sophistication and individuality that machine-made counterparts simply cannot match. Embrace the unique charm and distinctive touch that comes with a shirt crafted by skilled hands, embodying a commitment to excellence and a celebration of the finer aspects of fashion.


Embark on a journey of unrivaled craftsmanship with our striking Premium Stitch Density – a distinctive hallmark of excellence showcasing an impressive 22 stitches per inch (SPI). This exceptional feature is the secret behind our shirt's premium-grade finish, radiating sophistication like never before. Every meticulous stitch plays a crucial role in enhancing both durability and aesthetic appeal, making our shirt the ultimate choice for those who crave the exquisite refinement of finer details in their formal wear.


Our White Mother of Pearl Buttons, meticulously crafted to epitomize elegance, boast a level of quality that transcends expectations. These buttons are not only visually striking but also designed with durability in mind. Raised and thermo-fused for exceptional strength, they embody the highest grade of button craftsmanship. Comprising 100% natural mother of pearl, these buttons radiate a timeless charm and offer a premium feel that elevates any garment. With a 3mm thickness, they exude substance and sophistication, creating a tactile experience that reflects the meticulous attention to detail put into their creation. Elevate your attire with the unparalleled refinement of our signature Mother of Pearl Buttons – a perfect fusion of aesthetic appeal and enduring quality.