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Gold Mesh Cuff Link

Sale price$70.00 CAD

Shiny Rhodium with Gold Mesh inlay

This Gold Mesh cufflink is the perfect choice for any special occasion.

  • Bullet Back enclosure
  • Dimension: 1.7cm x 1.3  cm
  • Silver plated base & enamel

Are you looking for something more enriching to accentuate your overall attire? If so, Larimars gold mesh cufflinks are what you should consider purchasing. Made up of a shiny silver-toned rhodium base plate which is hand-carved to affix a gold mesh inlay, these elegant and stylish cufflinks are designed to hypnotize everyone with their luxurious luster.

The gold and silver tones in this designer cufflinks look gracious together, making this piece of accessory a must-have for every important event. However, apart from the two-toned effect, it's the intricate detailing of inner rectangle gold mesh that adds extra depth and dimension to these antique cufflinks, making them look both traditional and modern. Discover our range of sporty cufflinks, including beautiful Blue Jay Cufflinks and elegant Toronto Raptors.

And since both the metal used in the manufacturing process are highly resistant to tarnishing, fading, and rusting, these fancy cufflinks are ideal for everyday use. Don't be afraid of losing these expensive items by accidental drops since they are secured by bullet-back enclosures. Not only this enclosure type keeps your gold cufflinks secure but also enables you to wear them effortlessly. Cufflinks go great with shirts, and we offer a variety of shirts to choose from.