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Sapphire Austrian Crystals Cuff Link

Sale price$70.00 CAD

Shiny & Satin Finish Rhodium with Sapphire Austrian Crystals

The Sapphire crystals are elegantly structured on this silver cufflink making it the perfect selection for any occasion.

  • Dimension: Approximately 2cm x 1.3cm 
  • Shiny plate base metal
  • Bullet back closure

These Premium Sapphire crystal cufflinks are designed to enhance your attire with a mesmerizing flash of blue. Centered in a square silver frame while showcasing five tiny crystals, these beautiful and elegant stone cufflinks look irresistibly stunning when paired with dark formal shirts or light tuxedo wears.

Throughout the manufacturing process, our master silversmiths ensure that all Swarovski crystals are lined up meticulously so the end product would look exceptionally sophisticated and neat. Not only this but the entire frame, along with the bullet back enclosure, is plated with a high-shine rhodium metal to maintain quality standards.

These standards ensure that these top quality gemstone cufflinks won't get discolored or corroded due to diverse environmental conditions and you can wear these pieces for the long term without losing the original luster. Discover our range of sporty cufflinks, including Blue Jay Cufflinks and Toronto Raptors.

Even though Austrian crystals don't occur naturally but are man-made, some believe that their sapphire blue color holds some kind of healing power. At the same time, these Swarovski crystals are much less expensive than real ones, making them affordable for everyone who takes his fashion game seriously. Take advantage of our exclusive offer with Up to 50% discounts on a wide range of products.

So, buy these beautiful blue cufflinks now to feel and look your ultimate best. Our accessories section also offers Premium quality Face Coverings and stylish Ties.

Sapphire Austrian Crystals Cuff Link - Larimars Clothing Men's Formal and casual wear shirts
Sapphire Austrian Crystals Cuff Link Sale price$70.00 CAD