Collection: All Leather Bags

Welcome to Larimars premium collection of  Leather Bags! Here you'll find our exquisite collection of leather briefcases, top quality laptop bags, and best quality messenger bags for students and office goers. Our high quality products set the bar high by being practical, luxurious, hard-wearing, and ticking all the right boxes. 

All of our supreme leather backpacks are made up of 100% premium and genuine cowhide leather so nothing could outsmart the shine and excellence of your investment. We don't only design these bags to make them long-lasting and durable but also to accentuate your fashion statement. We offer delivery in the USA and Canada, but you also have the option to buy it directly from our Studio.

And most importantly, our best leather bags are mainly favored for their ability to fit every occasion and outfit. Available in an extensive range of designs and colors including timeless black, vibrant camel, and rich burgundy, some of these bags have a more casual feel whereas some impart urban aesthetics. Our Leather collection also offers top quality Leather Wallets and premium quality Leather Belts to complement your outfit.

Featuring reinforced storage compartments for everyday essentials, our beautiful leather laptop bags are spacious enough to store even a 16" laptop. Besides the computer, there's enough space for folders, books, mobile, and documents in the zipper compartments so you can keep all the necessities organized and at hand. We also offer quality Ties for individuals seeking stylish and elegant accessories.

And no, we didn't forget the basic job of a handy laptop bag and therefore, we designed these bags in a way so they could provide top-of-the-line protection to your precious laptops.

In addition to office-suitable cowskin leather bags which are sufficient to make you talk of the office, we also have a premium variety of sleek leather messenger bags for casual days. Some of our messenger bags feature more fasteners and buckles, allowing you to carry them easily while storing a whole bunch of stuff in them. 

Our stunning leather bags are available in shoulder, crossbody, and briefcase versions and come with adjustable and ergonomic leather straps so you can carry your bag comfortably. To us, hardware is our topmost priority and that's why we pay premium attention to the quality of buckles, fasteners, and stitching.  

All in all, in our elegant men's leather bag collection, you can expect to find quality materials, classic & robust designs with no-fuss functionality, and varied styles which won't be outdated and serve a lifetime. We also provide up to 50% discounts on numerous products that can be checked through our Summer Sale Section.


  1. What materials are used to make our leather bags?
    Our best leather bags are made from 100% premium and genuine cowhide leather, ensuring a luxurious and long-lasting investment.

    2. Do our leather laptop bags provide adequate protection for laptops?
    Yes, our beautiful and stylish leather laptop bags are designed with reinforced storage compartments and provide top-of-the-line protection for laptops, including space for other essentials.

    3. What styles and designs are available in our leather bag collection?
    Our high quality leather bag collection offers a wide range of styles and designs, including briefcases, laptop bags, and messenger bags in timeless black, vibrant camel, and rich burgundy colors.

    4. How are our leather bags designed for comfort and durability?
    Our elegant leather bags come with adjustable and ergonomic leather straps, ensuring comfortable carrying. We also prioritize the quality of hardware, including buckles, fasteners, and stitching, to ensure durability and functionality.