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Article: 7 Ways to Roll Up a Dress Shirt Sleeves

how to roll up sleeves

7 Ways to Roll Up a Dress Shirt Sleeves

7 Ways to Roll Up a Dress Shirt Sleeves | Useful Tips and Tricks

Folding a dress shirt sleeve seems like a quick fix for many, but most of us are unaware of the right ways to do it. A perfect sleeve roll can make your outfit visually appealing and add life to your outfit, not to mention keep you easy on a sunny day. Here are some ways to roll up a dress shirt sleeves so you are covered for the next time.

The Military Roll

The most popular traditional, elegant, and classic way of rolling the dress shirt sleeve is through a military roll. They are often known as the quick-fix by the men, as they are simple and straightforward and require no effort from your end. They are also suitable for patterned shirts or those with patterned interiors, and here is how you can do this.
  • Start by unbuttoning the cuffs and smooth out any creases in the fabric of your sleeves.
  • Fold the sleeve in a way that it reaches the inside of your elbow. To give you a rough idea, it makes two cuffs width.
  • Now, fold the bottom of the sleeve to hide the cuff area.
  • If you like to expose the interior, leave a little space during the second fold.

    Man is Rolling Up His Sleeve

The AIFA Roll

If your outfit is the literal definition of casual, an AIFA roll technique is the best choice. They are seamless, convenient, and intuitive for most people, not to mention the ratios are highly appealing and easy on the eyes. Here is how you can do the AIFA rolls.
  • First of all, fold the bottom of the sleeve one time. Use the cuff as your width measurement.
  • Use the same measurement and repeat the fold a second time in a way that it partially covers the cuff.
  • You do not have to avoid creasing the fabric, as it is a casual roll, and subtle mess is allowed with this roll.
  • It is done, but you need to make sure it looks effortless.

The High Roller

The high roller is the best way to flex your tattoos and get into some manual labor, like working in a pub or getting into a gun show. The good thing about this technique is that it is easy and works best for casual situations. Here is how you can do it.
  • Before wearing it, lay down your shirt pressed down to any flat surface.
  • Fold your sleeves up to a cuff width.
  • Now, roll the sleeve one more time to cover the exposed portion of the cuff.
  • You can also roll it the third and fourth time to hide the entire cuff area.
  • If you are wearing a semi-casual shirt, do go for three or four rolls.

The Basic Roll

The basic roll is your go-to roll as a beginner, as it comes naturally to most men. Many people entering the professional setup prefer this basic role, given its simplicity and convenience. Follow some simple steps to do this roll.
  • First, like many rolls, use the cuff as your measuring guidance.
  • Fold the cuff once and repeat it several times, based on your liking. Make sure to tug the fabric in such a way that it is smooth and has no creases.
  • The ideal length for the basic roll is past the elbow, but you can always adjust it to your preferences.

The Forearm Roll

Whenever you are on the go and want to style a semi-casual outfit in no time, the forearm roll is the right substitute. This technique of folding the dress shirt is easy on the eyes and reveals the third part of your arm, providing you with a structured appearance. Here are some steps that can help you achieve this role.
  • First of all, start by unbuttoning the cuff and make sure you have no creases in the fabric.
  • Use the cuff width as your measuring guide.
  • Once again, fold the sleeve back using the same cuff width measurement.
  • Check and make sure the roll is loose enough and doesn’t look too professional. You can do this by running your hands inside the roll.

    How to Roll Up Dress Shirt

The Garter Roll

The garter rolls are perfectly apt for outfits with which you have trouble keeping the rolls intact. If you are most likely to pair your dress shirt with accessories like chains and bracelets, the garter roll might be the right choice. To do this sleeve roll, follow these simple steps.
  • Take a sleeve band and use it to secure the top part of your sleeve.
  • Next, pull the shirt to a few inches and hide the sleeve band from the areas where it is visible using a shirt fold.
  • Pair it with a master roll to make sure it looks sleek and nothing moves, even with heavy movement.
  • There are a number of bands available in the market, but the best ones are rubber bands, as they are not as visible as others.

The Master Roll

Now, I have left the best for the last. It is a technique that works for all sorts of styles. And here is how it goes.
  • Roll up your sleeves. The ideal length is around two cuffs, and fold it in such a way that it does not crease and fold the fabric.
  • Now, roll one more time in such a way that it covers the cuff, and you only have the top end of the cuff visible.
  • If your shirt has a cuff of a different color or design, expose just a little part of it and make sure everything else is hidden.
  • You can always pull down the shirt to undo the fold.

Final Thoughts

Doing the amazing roll-ups of your dress shirt is easy and straightforward. Most of these come naturally to us, and you do not even have to put in any effort in learning them. I hope these methods have helped you figure out which technique best suits your style.

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