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Article: Made-to-Order Custom Jackets- Personalization, Cost, and Care Guide

Made-to-Order Custom Jackets- Personalization, Cost, and Care Guide

Made-to-Order Custom Jackets- Personalization, Cost, and Care Guide

Jacket season is just around the corner but this time, consider purchasing a made-to-order custom jacket rather than one of those bulk-produced off-the-rack jackets. Some of you will definitely be wondering whether such a thing does exist.

The answer is YES! Like all other clothing items, a jacket can also be personalized as per your absolute measurements, style, and comfort preferences. If you want to learn more about a made-to-order custom jacket, keep reading the article because today we are going to debunk all the myths and theories about these jackets so you can better understand this product. 

Made-to-Order Custom Jackets

So what exactly are made-to-order custom jackets? As the name implies, custom jackets give you the utmost freedom to represent your personality through your specific choice of fabric type, material, stitching, fit style, and design elements. Such jackets are designed precisely by keeping your unique vision in mind which in turn empowers you to flaunt your individual sense of styling to the fullest. 

To exhibit your creative personality and ethical values, the manufacturer allows you to choose from a number of advanced personalization options including intricate embroidery, artwork, monograms, logos, and different lining materials. However, besides acting as a personal style statement, a custom-made jacket also contributes a lot to branding and marketing your company.

Any custom jacket with your brand's logo acts as a walking billboard which will work as a highly valuable promotional tool for your company - be it small or large. Besides spreading awareness about your corporate identity, you can also give away your company's custom jackets as a way to show your gratitude towards your customer community and potential clients.

Even when a custom jacket is not promoting your business, it creates a sense of unified team spirit among your employees, raising their morale to the heights of the skies. It will not only show your professionalism but also reflect the pride your employees have in the company.

In addition to this, you can get a custom-made jacket to show your support towards your favorite charity, club, or sports team. This way, not only your die-hard fan moment will catch everyone's attention but the odds are high that you might end up with like-minded people. 

What's The Procedure For Getting Custom Jackets?

The process is quite straightforward since all you need to do is visit the website of a custom jacket maker, provide your fitting and measurement details, choose your design preferences from the offered customization choices, and place the order. To make things even more clear, read the points given below; 

Share the Design

There's no better way to share your preferred design with the manufacturer than by providing an image of it. This will help the manufacturer to get a clearer idea of what material and design you want. Also, you can tell the manufacturer about the changes and tweaks you want to make in your jacket so they can better take care of it.

However, if you don't have an image of the particular design you have in mind for your custom jacket, discuss the idea with graphic illustrators and they'll provide you with a real-time image of your imagination. 

Choose Fabric and Color

Remember those dress-up games we used to play in our childhoods? That's exactly how it feels to customize your made-to-order jacket - or somewhat better because, in real life, you are not bound by the limitation of fabric type, color, design elements, etc. 

Depending upon the goal you intend to achieve from your custom jackets and the type of personality you have, you can choose any color - be it a trendier, vibrant color or a classic, traditional one. Likewise, if you want to create a leather jacket, you may choose which type of leather you want, ranging from cowhide leather to sheep leather. 

We suggest going with cowhide leather if durability and protection are your main concerns. This type of leather is famous for its dirt resistance and waterproof qualities. Whereas, if you want a jacket that would be softest on the skin and lightweight on your shoulders, opt for a sheep or lambskin leather.  

Choose Lining and Hardware

Many people don't pay much attention to the lining material but it's as important as the outer material of your jacket. Not only should it be soft and cozy enough to let you truly enjoy your custom jacket but it should also look lavish. Choose a cheap lining and the entire quality of your leather jacket will be compromised. So, it's wise to spend thorough time choosing the lining material and color. 

Likewise, jacket hardware also plays a vital role in making or breaking the entire look of your custom jacket. You can make your jacket look even classier and trendier by choosing the right type of materials. Thankfully, the manufacturer provides you with everything it takes to unleash your creativity to the fullest so you can design a truly unique, bespoke masterpiece. In other words, you can choose the pocket zipper, center zipper, and buttons according to your specific style. 

To spice up the look of your jacket even further, some manufacturers also offer to choose from high-quality studs of different shades and designs. After choosing the stud, let the manufacturer know where you want to place those studs.

Choose Embroidery or Monograms

Once done with all the major aspects, it's time to decide what type of embroidery, logo, or monogram you want on your custom jacket. Companies usually have expert artisans to bring your unique ideas of intricate embroidery to life. Besides an embroidery design, you can also add your name, your company's name, or a logo to your jacket to make it more personalized. 

Provide your Measurements

The next and most important step is to size your body to provide your absolute measurements for the custom jacket. For this purpose, you need to get a soft cloth measurement tape and measure different parts as follows; 

  1. Start by taking your collar-to-shoulder measurement. For this purpose, place the tape at the back of the center of your throat and take it to the tip of your shoulder.
  2. After this, place the tape on the tip of the shoulder and extend it to the wrist, where you intend to have your jacket sleeves. This shoulder-to-sleeve measurement is really important otherwise your jacket might end up with way too short or long sleeves. 
  3. Then place one end of the tape on one shoulder tip and take it to the other shoulder's tip to get a shoulder-to-shoulder measurement.
  4. Take your upper arm width measurements by wrapping the tape around it. This will ensure that your jacket sleeves won't be too strained from your biceps. Likewise, measure the width of your forearm.
  5. The next step is to take your chest size. For this, wrap the tape around your chest by keeping your arms relaxed and inhaling a good amount of air inside. Make sure to add 2" in the chest measurements so you won't feel suffocated while wearing a jacket over a shirt
  6. Then measure your waist size by measuring the tape around your natural waistline. Don't forget to add 2" to the measurements to get comfortable movement. 
  7. Lastly, take the jacket's overall length size. For this, place one end of the tape on the base of your throat and the other end on the waistline - or the point where you want your jacket to end. 

And what about the cost?

Whenever the word custom is spoken, we generally tend to associate it with a heavier price tag and it's also quite fair. In most instances, custom-made jackets are made up of top-grade materials, and unlimited time, labor force, and specifications go into the process which in turn increases the net price of the end product. 

You're made to order, a custom jacket is one of a kind and an expert somewhere handcrafts it especially for you. This is why it could be a little more costly than ready-to-wear jackets but the price is worth it. 

The good thing here is that not every custom-made jacket costs this much. If you go through the price ranges of some companies and the number of specifications they offer, you may reduce the end price to an incredible extent. 


Q1:How long does it take to make a custom jacket?

The turnaround time may vary for each custom jacket manufacturer but on average, it takes three days to one week to make a made-to-order jacket.

Q2:Where do you put your logo on a jacket?

The logo should be placed around 6-8 inches down the left shoulder seam so it would be displayed at the front of your jacket.

Q3:Is printing cheaper than embroidery?

Yes, printing monograms and logos is cheaper than getting your jacket embroidered as the latter takes more labor force, time, and material. 

Q4:Are there any special care instructions for maintaining the quality and appearance of custom jackets?

No, there is no special method to maintain the quality and appearance of your custom jackets. Wear it like your other jackets and wash it by keeping the fabric and material type in consideration.

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