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Article: Top Jackets to Complement Your Dress Shirt


Top Jackets to Complement Your Dress Shirt

There is not a single doubt that dress shirts are a very versatile piece of clothing. This is why both men and women prefer wearing them no matter what the occasion is. However, the one mistake that many people make is not styling the dress shirts properly. No matter how expensive or classy a dress shirt is, if you layer it up with the wrong style of jacket, it will make the entire outfit look awful. Instead of lifting the look, the jacket will clash with the style of the dress shirt, which is why I always emphasize the importance of understanding the top jackets to compliment your dress shirts. If you are someone who does not understand the basics of styling and fashion, then you should take a few minutes out of your time and read the blog below. It focuses on the different types of jackets and how to pick the right jackets to style with your dress shirt. So, the information listed below will help you loads.

Top Jackets to Compliment Your Dress Shirt

Understanding the Types of Jackets

When it comes to jackets, there is a wide range of options available as jackets come in many types. So, in order to pick the top jackets for your dress shirt, you first need to understand the types of jackets. The different types of jackets are shared below.
  • Fleece jackets
  • Overcoats
  • Trench coats
  • Puffer jackets
  • Varsity jackets
  • Leather jackets
  • Letterman jacket
  • Shearling jacket
  • Denim jackets
  • Chore coat
  • Blazer
These jackets are the most commonly worn type. All of these look good with dress shirts, but they are each suitable for different occasions, ranging from highly casual to highly formal.

How to Select the Right Jacket to Compliment Your Dress Shirt

The key to selecting the right jacket for your dress shirt is to understand the setting of the place where you are going. If you are dressing for a formal meeting, then wearing a bomber jacket on a dress shirt will look ridiculous. For an extremely formal place, the top jacket choices for dress shirts will be blazers, a trench coat, a leather jacket, or an overcoat.

For a semi-formal place, a dress shirt can be paired with a denim jacket, a fleece jacket, a shearling jacket, or a puffer jacket. Then we have the last category, which is casual places. For a casual place, you can pair a dress shirt with a varsity jacket, a chore coat, or a letterman jacket. Another critical part of the selection is the color palette of the dress shirt and the jackets. The colors do not always have to be of the same shade, but they should also not be completely opposite.

This will result in the jacket clashing with the colors of the dress shirt, which will give a bad look. For instance, a white dress shirt will look good with a black jacket or blue jacket. On the other hand, a brown jacket will complement a light blue or sky blue dress shirt perfectly. Similarly, if the person is wearing a gray dress shirt, they can pick a black jacket to go with it. Lastly, with darker tones such as maroon, a beige trench coat will go perfectly as it will balance out the hue of the shirt and complement it instead of clashing with it.

Styling the Jacket with a Dress Shirt

Now that you are aware of how to select the right jacket to compliment your dress shirt, we move on to another important part, which is styling. Without styling, even the most appropriate attire will not hold any appeal. The best tip for styling a jacket is, for a formal setting, you can add a tie or a pocket square in the jacket. On the contrary, if the dress shirt is being worn in a casual place and is paired with a varsity jacket, then adding a pair of sunglasses will complete the entire look.


What kind of jacket to wear with a dress shirt?

The type of jacket that you pick with your dress shirt depends upon the event. If you are at a casual place, then adding a sports jacket or denim jacket will make the entire attire look more casual, but if you are at a formal place, then adding a trench coat, blazer, or an overcoat will look more suitable.

What looks good with a dress shirt?

A dress shirt is a very versatile piece of clothing. It looks good with everything as long as you style it correctly. You can pair it with jeans and a puffer jacket and achieve the casual look and dress pants and trench coat to look more formal.

How do you match a shirt with a jacket?

Make sure that the jacket you pick is in solid and neutral colors. Avoid jackets that come with different bells and whistles, as they will not go well with dress shirts. You should focus on plain yet elegant jackets as they will look good with dress shirts.


Before picking out jackets, it is important to first understand the types of jackets that are available in the market. Whether they are being worn with a dress shirt or a T-shirt, it is critical to understand the type and style, as only then will you be able to select the top jackets that will complement your dress shirt. The article above discusses the types of jackets and how to style them with different dress shirts in great detail. So, I hope you found the information shared above helpful and that it guides you in picking the right jackets for yourself that go with your collection of dress shirts.

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