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Article: How To Fix A Zipper On Jacket?

How To Fix A Zipper On Jacket

How To Fix A Zipper On Jacket?

Never throw your jacket away just because it has broken, stubborn, or stuck zippers. If you are facing issues with broken zippers, you should know the solutions to fix a zipper on a jacket on your own. Isn't it? Well, broken zippers are effortless to fix. You just need to make sure that you have a lubricant and a toolbox with you. Because I often suffer from the problem of zippers in my clothes, I know what you have to do to sort out the problems. Here are a couple of common problems and their solutions that you can go with and repair your jackets to use for a good time period. Let's start with the guide below:


repair and fix a zipper on a men's jacket

How To Fix A Zipper On Jacket?

Following are some of the common problems that occur with zippers and their solutions so you can sort them on your own. Let's look at the common issues of the zippers on a jacket.
  • Jamming of the zip
  • Teeth aren't closing
  • The broken zipper of the jacket

Jamming Of The Zip

If the zip slider is not moving and is stuck, you just don't need to worry. It happens either because of a thread or a fabric in between the teeth of the zip or because the thread or some material is stuck in the slider. You don't need to worry because this is one of the easiest problems related to the zippers of a jacket. Follow the following steps to unjam the zipper.
  • Turn the jacket inside out.
  • Now, look at the zipper lines and check whether there is some fabric, a thread, or something else that is stuck in the teeth.
  • If so, you can remove it with the use of tweezers.
  • Now, take a lead pencil and rub it a few inches below and a few inches above the zip slider.
  • This makes the zip easy to move because it lubricates the teeth.
  • Keep in mind if the zip of your jacket is still jammed, you can go with household lubricants like talcum powder, vaseline, glass cleaner, lip balm, or something like baby powder or wax paper and rub it against the zip slider.
  • One thing that you have to keep in mind is the fabric used in the construction material of the jacket in which the zip is jammed. This is important to make sure the lubricant you are using is not creating any issues or affecting the jacket badly and is compatible with the fabric of the jacket.
  • Now, move the zip, and it will move quickly.


fixing a zipper on mens jacket

Teeth Are Not Closing

If you notice that the teeth of the zipper of your jacket are not closing but are open even when you close the zip, that means the tension in the zip is not working correctly. It does not mean that your jacket is now wasted. You can fix this without much complications. What you have to do is to,
  • Check the teeth properly.
  • You can check the teeth by stretching the jacket's zipper.
  • Gently tug it and pull it.
  • Now, make sure both sides of the zippers are properly in alignment with each other.
  • Now, apply appropriate lubricants on the teeth. You can use either baby powder, graphite pencil, lip balm, or a zipper glide.
  • Now close the zip and check whether the zipper's teeth are closing or not.
  • If not, again, look at the teeth closely and pay attention to the directions of the teeth.
  • If you observe that they are not straight, straighten them with the use of pliers, lubricate the zipper again, and try the slider to check whether the zip is closing or not. It will this time.

Broken Zipper Of Jacket

If the zipper slider is broken, you can simply replace this broken slider with a new slider instead of throwing your jacket away. What you have to do is to make sure that you have some of the necessary tools with you, which mainly includes pliers. Follow the steps below to replace the old slider with a new one.
  • Remove the top stop of the zipper from the jacket with the use of pliers.
  • Now, take off the slider and move it in the upper direction. Remove it from the zipper.
  • Now, put in the new slider from the starting point of the zipper onto the teeth.
  • After putting in the new slider, now is the time to reset the new top stop that has come with the new slider with the use of pliers.
  • Your jacket is ready to use.


Is it possible to fix a broken zipper slider on a jacket?

Yes, you can fix a zipper's slider on a jacket via DIY fix. You only need to replace a slider instead of replacing a full zipper. Keep in mind replacing the slider is not only easy but also quick to do only if you have the right tools and materials with you.

What causes the zipper to split?

Two of the most basic causes of splitting of zippers include under-usage and over-usage. With the passage of time, if you are using zippers a lot, this overuse results in minimizing the tension on the slider. This ultimately results in minimizing the pressure that is actually needed to join and pull the teeth together.

Is it easy to fix a broken zipper?

Yes, fixing the broken zipper is relatively easy and should not be the reason you throw away the whole item. You can easily fix it on your own with the use of a good lubricant, a little common sense, and a pair of pliers.

What is the most common problem that generally occurs with a zipper of a jacket?

There are three most common problems that generally occur with the jacket zipper: jamming of the zip, teeth not closing when you close the zip, and broken zipper slider. If your jacket has any of these three problems, that does not mean you should throw it away; instead, you should look for solutions that are not only easy but also quick and would be helpful for you to solve the problem.

If the zipper of the jacket is broken, should you throw the jacket away?

No, not at all. If the zipper of your jacket is broken, that does not mean you should throw away the item. Instead, look for the reason, check the zipper, and consider replacing the zipper instead of throwing the whole jacket away.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through this above-mentioned article that tells you about the three most common problems that generally occur with the zipper on a jacket. I have not only elaborated on the problems but have also explained their solutions in a step-by-step procedure. Make sure to understand before applying so you can solve the jacket's zipper problem in one go.

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