Collection: Summer Shirts

Since summer has reached its highest heights, the time has come to reset your wardrobe with our latest summer collection. In this section, you'll find easy sunshine-ready summer clothes for men which are all made up of airy, breathable, and lightweight fabrics. Our delivery service is available in the USA and Canada but you can also purchase it directly from our Studio

Based on the composition, you'll find three types of men's summer shirts in our latest lineup; 100% Egyptian cotton, 60% Egyptian cotton + 40% linen, and 100% linen. Whatever fabric type you prefer, one thing which you would love the most about our summer shirts is that their fabrics comprise 100% organic fibers which, in turn, makes the end product super breathable, smooth, and cool. We also make Oxford Collection for valued customers who have different preferences and choices. 

Larimars understand that global warming has affected the pleasant climate due to which, summers have become hotter than before. That's why we stick to lightweight and medium-weight fabrics to make our summer shirts for men while discarding heavyweight fabric. Combined with the moisture-wicking technology, these shirts never let you feel too sweaty or too hot again. 

In addition to check, Gingham, and solid patterns, you'll also find Hawaiian-inspired printed shirts here which are perfect for summer holidays or get-togethers. Most of the shirts in this section are short/half sleeved since they promise style, comfort, and practicality. 

Not only this but these button-down short-sleeved summer shirts are also quite versatile as you can easily dress them down for a beach day when paired with shorts or dress them up for a business meeting when paired with jeans. 

Lastly, to make it easier for you to flaunt a cool look during this sizzling hot summer, these fits are available in lighter colors; white, blue, and beige. All of these shirts are being offered on SALE so hurry up and save the most amount of money with these limited-time discount offers. 

Also, don't forget to check the category again soon since we constantly add new items here regularly. 


  1. What fabric options are available for the men's summer shirts?

Our prime quality men's summer shirts are available in 100% Egyptian cotton, 60% Egyptian cotton + 40% linen, and 100% linen.

  1. Are the summer shirts made of organic fibers?

Yes, our best summer shirts are made of 100% organic fibers, ensuring breathability, smoothness, and coolness.

  1. How do the summer shirts combat hot weather?

Our excellent quality summer shirts use lightweight and medium-weight fabrics, along with moisture-wicking technology, to provide comfort and prevent excessive sweating.

  1. What patterns, sleeve lengths, and colors are available in the summer shirts collection?

Our stylish summer shirts feature check, Gingham, solid patterns, and Hawaiian-inspired prints. Most shirts have short/half sleeves and come in lighter colors like white, blue, and beige.