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Larimars is offering groundbreaking services regarding made-to-order suits, combined with sophistication, accuracy, and efficiency. Our delivery service is available in the USA and Canada, but you also have the option to purchase it directly from our Studio. So, embrace this seamless fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to personalize a suit that is exclusively yours. 

We use advanced methods and techniques to capture your absolute measurements and record the sizing in our system which serves as a reference and foundation for your custom-made suit. The advanced and detailed measurements eliminate the need for several alterations, making the whole personalized tailoring experience smooth without compromising on fit or stitch quality. To make things more convenient for our valued customers, we provide a variety of options when it comes to shirts including Ready To Wear Shirts, Oxford Shirts and Custom Men Shirts

Our master tailors hand-cut the fabric to your absolute dimensions and make every stitch with meticulous attention. This, in turn, ensures that you get a piece of garment that contours your body perfectly, on all the right edges. You may choose from our extensive range of made-to-order blazers or let our designers create a suit for you that is tailored to reflect your supreme fashion sense. 

We, at Larimars, aim to provide you with the most innovative digital experience so you could customize every single detail, from the lining to the choice of button, type of fabric to the lapel style. The same goes for the pants as you can customize almost everything including pant pleats, pocket style, back pocket, hem, and belt loops. All in all, this supreme collection combines the highest standards of bespoke craftsmanship with understood aesthetics, ensuring a true one-of-a-kind garment. 

Elevate this wardrobe staple to new heights and complete the ensemble by complementing your custom-tailored suit with our premium formal dress shirts, available in a myriad of styles and colors. So, book an appointment with us and step up your suit game to look more confident, classier, and dapper on every occasion. Don't miss out on the sales we offer on various products throughout the year. Take advantage of these great deals and save on your favorite items!


  1. How does Larimars ensure a perfect fit for their custom-made suits?
    Larimars uses advanced methods to capture precise measurements, eliminating the need for multiple alterations and ensuring a seamless personalized tailoring experience.

    2. Can I customize the details of my suit?
    Yes, Larimars offers a wide range of customization options, including the choice of fabric, lining, buttons, lapel style, pant pleats, pocket style, and more.

    3. Who creates the custom-made suits at Larimars?
    Larimars has master tailors who hand-cut the fabric and pay meticulous attention to every stitch, ensuring a garment that perfectly contours to your body.

    4. Can I complement my custom-tailored suit with formal dress shirts from Larimars?
    Yes, Larimars offers a variety of formal dress shirts in different styles and colors, allowing you to complete your ensemble and enhance your overall look.

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