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Article: What to Wear With an Oxford Shirt?

What to Wear With an Oxford Shirt?

What to Wear With an Oxford Shirt?

When it comes to men’s fashion, certain garments are known for their timeless identity and royalty that passes from one generation to another. Oxford shirts are one of those classic pieces that were a trend before us in the times of our grandpas, and still, they are the most adored fashion gem. So, if you are curious to know what an oxford shirt is, what to wear with an oxford shirt, how you can style it, etc., then you are at the right place. Today, we will discover what is an Oxford shirt, its history, and much more, so don’t go anywhere.

What Is an Oxford Shirt?

I have mentioned that these shirts have been in fashion for decades and must be interested in finding out the origin of Oxford shirts, aren’t you? Well, these shirts were first made in Scotland and are a little thicker than other dress shirts. Let’s have a look at the manufacturing and characteristics of Oxford shirts. Usually, oxford shirts are made from pure cotton, which means it's 100% cotton, and no other fabric is used. Moreover, these shirts have a basket-weave pattern by which they can be easily recognized and differentiated from other shirts. Because of its pattern, these shirts are thicker and stiffer than other dress shirts. Another characteristic specific to Oxford shirts is the tone of the shirt. Usually, it is made from a single type of thread, but two-tone Oxford shirts are loved by many, too. Oxford shirt is a classic button-down shirt that elevates style and elegance, which is why it is ideal for various occasions. Some Oxford shirts are lined with contrasting fabric, giving them a modern look.

What to Wear With an Oxford Shirt?

This is going to be interesting, so before we start this, take a moment and have a quick look at your wardrobe because after you finish reading this, you will know what to wear with an Oxford shirt. So, let’s begin. Oxford shirts are my favorite, and I like them the most because I can style them in different ways to make them go with the event I am attending. I have worn my Oxford shirts from office meetings to attending weddings in the same shirt but, of course, with a bit of styling. Here’s what you can pair with your Oxford shirt.

Classic Style

Going to a casual gathering or meeting your friends after a long time? Wear your Oxford shirt with dark denim jeans, and you are good to go. Moreover, you can contrast your shirt color with chinos to get a clean look. Complete your casual yet trendy look with some loafers or sneakers. Thank me later.

Business Attire

Don’t be surprised. You can wear Oxford shirts in your office, too. All you have to do is style them to align with your office’s dress code. Combine your Oxford shirt with a well-fitted suit or trousers, and that’s it. During office meetings, I usually layer a jacket or blazer over my Oxford shirt.

Formal Look

The best part of an Oxford shirt is its thick fabric, making it an ideal piece of clothing for winter and autumn. I used to get frustrated by winter events, but not anymore, thanks to the Oxford shirts. All I do to attain a perfect, sleek wedding look is slip on my white or black Oxford shirt and pair it with a well-fitted blue or black suit, pocket square, a watch, or cufflinks.

Super Casual Look

I usually layer it over a nice T-shirt and shorts or pants for a more casual look. An unbuttoned Oxford shirt with a plain T-shirt is perfect for university students, evening walks, shopping, etc.

More Styling Options for Oxford Shirt

We have already covered what you can wear with an Oxford shirt, from casual outfits to business attire. But that’s not all how you can style your Oxford shirts. Read ahead if you're looking for more options on what you can wear with an Oxford shirt. Oxford shirts are perfect for the cold season, so here’s what you can wear with an Oxford shirt in winter and autumn to achieve a dope look.

Layer It With a Jumper

When the temperature drops too low, an Oxford shirt alone won’t be enough to keep you warm. So you can layer it with a pretty knitwear or a jumper that will complete your look and keep you warm.

Go for a Jacket

If you are a student or happy-go-lucky type of person, then pair your Oxford shirt with a bomber jacket or winter jacket. This looks the most stylish out of all, especially on youngsters, and I can guarantee from your street to your campus’s lobby, you will make heads turn with this look.

With a V-Neck Sweater

This is my go-to look. I love how easygoing and low-maintenance Oxford shirts are. Pairing oxford shirts with a V-neck sweater suits everyone from students to teachers, perfect for a semi-formal look. Oxford shirts with a V-neck sweater look elegant and trendy.

With a Turtle Neck

Winters are best to play with style and make a long-lasting impression each day. Another great combo for oxford shirts is turtle necks; layer your oxford shirt over a turtle neck and a leather jacket. Go for this look on extra cool days to stay warm in style.

With a Suit Separator

This is a model look and my favorite, of course. To achieve this movie star look, all you have to do is take your Oxford shirt, pair it with a well-fitted suit, and layer over a long coat or jacket. The best part of this is everyone can flaunt this smart look.


What do you wear with an Oxford shirt?

Oxford shirts offer versatile styling choices. You can wear oxford shorts with simple chinos, jeans, and well-fitted dress suits.

What pants to wear with an Oxford shirt?

If you are looking for a casual look, go for a chino or denim, but if you are attending a formal meeting, pair it up with formal trousers or suits.

What do you wear under Oxford?

You can wear a t-shirt under your Oxford shirt if you want to keep it unbuttoned, or you can layer it over a turtle neck.

Does an Oxford shirt go with a suit?

Yes, Oxford shirts go with a suit and can be worn in offices, meetings, or while dealing with clients, or you can accessorize it to wear it at a wedding event or annual dinner.

Is an Oxford shirt casual or formal?

Oxford shirts are not categorized as formal or casual. It depends on the piece of clothing you pair it up with that gives it a formal or casual look.


Today, we have explored the rich history of Oxford shirts that have been part of every man’s wardrobe for decades. This timeless, iconic fashion clothing perfectly blends elegance and versatility. From complementing business attire to completing a formal and casual look, oxford shirts have been the first choice of men. In this article, we have shared some tips to help you style your Oxford shirts, which will make everyone stop and complement your fashion sense. So what are you waiting for? Winters are almost here; this season, make a style statement with Oxford shirts.

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