4 Color Pants To Wear With Black Dress Shirt

Black is one of the most versatile colors that you can pair with various colors and create stunning color combos for outfits. Even though it's a versatile color, one of the most commonly asked questions about black dress shirts is what color of pants to wear with them. Here, I am elaborating on what colors you can pair up with black dress shirts to look stylish, elegant, and handsome. Well, when it comes to black dress shirts, the best color of pants that you can wear with them are black pants, white pants, gray pants, and, yes, brown pants. You also can go with blue pants, red jeans, patterned trousers and denim jeans. Let's look at what color pants you can pair up with a black dress shirt to look ideally alright.

4 Color Pants To Wear With Black Dress Shirt

The guide tells you about four color pants to wear with a black dress shirt. We will first look at what you should consider before finalizing the colors of pants to wear with black dress shirts.

What To Consider Before Opting For The Pants Color For Black Dress Shirt?

  • Put your focus on the fabric of the dress shirt you have.
  • Look for the occasion you are going to attend, and make sure to consider the event before finalizing the color of the pants to wear with a black dress shirt.
  • Moreover, also focus on what style you want to carry so you can get the appropriate color pants.

4 Pant Colors To Wear With Black Dress Shirt

There are four colors of pants that you can reliably wear with a black dress shirt, according to the occasion you are going to attend. I will discuss each one of the colors in the details below so you can opt for the right color according to the event and your personal preference.


Black Dress Pant
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Black Pants

If you cannot figure out what color pants will go best with a black dress shirt, do not complicate things and go with black pants. Undoubtedly, black dress pants with a black dress shirt are one of the most admirable and all-time winning combinations regardless of what occasion you will attend. A black dress shirt with black pants looks perfect if you want to attain a classy look. It makes you look elegant and stylish. Black pants with a black shirt enhance your beauty and make you ready to attend any type of event, whether it is formal, semi-formal, or casual.


White Pants for Men

White Pants

If you are looking for a simple and sleek color combo to go with a black dress shirt, you can simply opt for white pants. This not only is elegant but also makes you look fresh and modern. The black and white combo is one of the fantastic combos that has been in fashion for years. The look is ideal for semi-formal, formal, and casual all types of events and occasions.

Gray Pants for Men

Gray Pants

A black dress shirt with gray pants is an all-time favorite combination that can never go wrong. It is stylish and easy to accessorize. That means you can easily match the necessary accessories with gray pants and a black dress shirt. You can go with dark gray pants or light gray pants as per your choice. Both of them make you look handsome and attractive. Moreover, if you really want to look more stylish and vibrant in the crowd, fold up your sleeves a little, and you will look stunning.


Brown Pants for Men

Brown Pants

A black dress with brown pants is another perfect combo that is ideal for semi-formal and formal functions. Well, it can also go with casual occasions, but it is ideal for formal functions. If you want to wear brown pants with a black dress shirt for a casual occasion, you can simply go with folded sleeves and relaxed fit styles instead of slim fit styles and buttoned-up cuffs that are reliable for semi-formal events. Alternatively, if you want to dress up for a formal event and are looking to create a combination of brown pants with a black dress shirt, always remember to make sure that the pants you are selecting are made up of high-quality fabric. Similarly, ensure the dress shirt you have has a comparatively higher collar and is excellent in its looks. It's all in style colors and what combination you make that demonstrates your look. Remember, colors can either glow up your occasion or bring them down!

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What pants to wear with a black dress shirt?

Dark denim makes you look graceful and stylish when you wear them with a black dress shirt. Black dress shirts are a versatile piece of clothing. It not only goes well with black pants but also with jeans and is said to be one of the perfect combinations that gives you a sleek and stylish look regardless of what function you are going to attend.

What color pants go best with a black shirt?

The black color dress shirt is a versatile shirt that goes well with most of the colors of the pants. The best combination includes black shirts with blue jeans, black shirts with gray pants, black shirts with white pants, and black shirts with black trousers, brown pants, and rugged jeans.

How do you make a black dress shirt look good?

When you are wearing a black dress shirt for a casual event, going with pants of dark blue or black color is one of the best choices that you can make. For a casual look, you can also keep your dress shirt tucked out, which gives you a cool and fresh look. When it comes to formal wear, a black dress shirt is ideal for formal occasions when you combine it with black, white, and dark blue pants.

Final Thoughts

This above-mentioned guide tells about four color pants that you can go with if you want to wear a black dress shirt. Making the right color combination is one of the essential things that you should not neglect if you really want to look elegant and stylish in the events you are attending. These four-color pants enhance the look of your outfit and make you look more stunning, handsome, smart, and, yes, graceful.
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