What Color Dress Shirt To Wear With Grey Pants?

Besides black, grey is another versatile color that plays a prominent role in boosting your style. Grey is a neutral, solid, and stable color, making it an ideal option for any occasion, whether a business meeting, a formal dinner, a family gathering, or a day-to-day routine. Hence, I won't be wrong if I say grey pants are the winner when choosing versatile neutral colors. The most common question in everyone's mind is what color dress shirts can pair with grey trouser. If you have the same question, don't worry because the following article contains a list of some of the best color options you can pair up with grey pants, taking your fashion to the next level.


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What Color Dress Shirt To Wear With Grey Pants?

Tips To Match Shirts With Grey Pants

Before digging into the details of the colors you can pair with grey pants, I have listed some essential tips when matching shirts with grey pants. The following are a few important factors to consider when matching shirts with your grey pants.

Dress Code

The dress code plays a vital role in determining what color dress shirt fits your grey pants the best for that particular occasion. As I mentioned earlier, grey pants are an ideal option for every event, whether a business meeting, a formal dinner, a family gathering, or a day-to-day routine. Therefore, you must consider the occasion's dress code before choosing a shirt. Neutral color dress shirts like white and light blue are more suitable for a formal dinner or a business meeting. You can pair non-neutral colors with grey pants for casual evenings.

Event's Timing

One of the most prominent factors to consider when choosing a shirt with your grey pants is the timing of your event. Whether neutral or non-neutral, dark-colored shirts are more suitable for evening events. In short, you must match a dress shirt with your pants, considering your event's timing.

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Shirt Combinations To Try With Grey Pants


Black is the most versatile and everyone's go-to color for every occasion. A black dress shirt is ideal for pairing up with light grey pants for a formal event or business meeting. In addition, you can add a grey tie to improve your look and give a monochromatic look. You can wear such an outfit for evening events. Though you can also pair a black dress shirt with darker shades of grey, lighter shades look better.


The most common combination of grey pants is with a white dress shirt because it is an ideal outfit for any occasion. This outfit's clean, subtle, and versatile look makes it perfect for formal and casual occasions. One of the best parts about this combination is that you can match different shades of white and grey to enhance the neutrality of the look. Though it is one of the most common combinations, some might find it too essential. Such people can add exciting elements to enhance their looks, like colorful ties and pocket squares.


Besides the neutral colors, blue is another classic combination with grey pants. Darker shades of blue, like navy blue, look much better with light shades of grey and are suitable for formal events and business meetings. On the other hand, lighter shades of blue are vital in giving brighter vibes and are suitable for formal and casual events. You can pair the lighter shades of blue with dark shades of grey pants for better contrast.

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Though many people might find it weird, matching shades of grey dress shirts with grey pants can give a clean and subtle look. One of the most significant factors you must be mindful of is avoiding matching the same shades of grey for the top and bottom. In short, match different shades of grey for a better contrast.


Pink is a perfect choice to create a soft look with grey pants. You can match a light pink or pastel pink dress shirt with light pink grey pants to create a soft and aesthetic look.


A red dress shirt is an ideal option for people who want to go for a bold look. You can match different shades of red with light or dark grey pants and pair them with black boots for a bold look. It is an ideal fit for formal dinners.


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The above article contains a list of color combinations you can try with grey pants to give your outfit a clean, subtle look. Grey is the most versatile color after black, and grey pants are ideal for any occasion. You can pair neutral-colored dress shirts with grey pants for formal events and business meetings. Furthermore, you can try non-neutral colors for casual occasions. You can read the above article to learn the significant factors to consider when choosing dress shirts with grey pants.
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