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Article: Suit Colors: Blue vs. Gray vs. Black

Men wearing suits in black and blue

Suit Colors: Blue vs. Gray vs. Black

In the world of men's fashion, a suit is not just a garment but a statement. It is a medium to express your personality, style, and purpose without uttering a single word. Furthermore, the three classic hues, black, blue, and gray, have dominated the gentleman's wardrobe across the world with their timeless charm and versatility. Choosing the right suit is crucial because it is not as simple as just picking a color; you must understand how these colors can complement your style and the occasion. Whether you are going to a fancy event or preparing for a job interview, wearing a perfect suit can make all the difference. So, continue reading to unlock the secrets of dressing up with elegance, style, and confidence.

Suit Colors: Blue vs. Gray vs. Black

Blue, gray, and black are the basic men's suit colors; however, various shades of these basic colors serve different functions. Generally, it depends on the personal style, occasion, and time of the year. So, let's learn when to wear which color suit always to look classy and confident.

Black Suit: The Epitome of Formality

Men's Black Suit


If you are a minimalist and want to own only one suit, you cannot go wrong with a jet-black suit. This color is the epitome of formality and is by far one of the most popular choices in men's suits. Moreover, this deepest shade of black sends off an air of sophistication suitable for black-tie events and any formal event in general. When you want to appear confident and show your power and authority, black is the color that can do it. A jet-black suit makes people accept your presence. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for formal occasions like an important wedding, interview, business event, or other high-end activities. A black suit looks flattery on all body types. Furthermore, it is the best option for travel because black is good at hiding wrinkles and marks.


Black suits are flexible and can be styled in many different ways. You can pair it up with shirts and ties of different colors and styles. However, a crisp white shirt and a black silk tie is a quintessential choice for formal occasions. Additionally, always go for a matte fabric rather than a glossy one for a more versatile use. Lapels should be 8 or 9cm because super skinny and super wide lapels are currently in trend. Furthermore, if you want a deadly combo, pair it with black shoes for a more confident and classy look.

The Almighty Blue Suit

mens suit in blue color
Blue is a perfect choice to wear every morning and an absolute must-have in every gentleman's wardrobe. However, blue comes in a variety of shades and tones, each suitable for different occasions. For instance, the darkest tones are more commonly worn during winter, and lighter, vivid, and saturated blue is preferred in summer and spring.

Midnight Blue Suits: A Subtle Twist

Midnight blue is the deepest shade of blue and is often mistaken for black color in specific lighting. This color can be worn on formal occasions like black suits. Furthermore, you can look confident and authoritative while slightly different from the standard black color. Midnight blue should be a second suit in your wardrobe after a black suit. This color is associated with trustworthiness and radiates a warm personality, which can be worn to an interview without a doubt. Furthermore, blue is the most popular color globally, and people love dressing up in different shades of blue. A midnight blue suit is a safe alternative to black, and if you do not feel like wearing black to every event, this suit should be an easy choice. Moreover, this suit is reserved for formal wear, like a tuxedo suit, rather than regular usage. Styling Midnight blue is also very versatile, and you can build a bunch of different outfits with this suit. Moreover, those with blue eyes love to wear this color because it can accentuate the eye color. A black or a deep blue tie with a white shirt will complement it the most.


Young Man weraing Navy Blue Suit

Navy Blue Suits: Versatile Elegance

Navy blue is a versatile color, and its beautiful, rich, deep blue tone is perfect for a variety of occasions. A navy blue suit can be worn in business situations, weddings, meetings, etc. Moreover, this is an ideal match if your complexion is on the fairer side and you want to avoid looking washed out in gray suits. Styling Navy Blue pairs with a wide range of colors; you can wear classic red, muted gray, and patterned ties. Similarly, it makes you look youthful, so aged people would love this suit. You can pair it with burgundy shoes for a chic and classic look.

light blue suit for men

Light Blue Suit

Light blue suits are best for summer and casual events. You must not consider it for a formal event; however, it is a beautiful shade that can add to your charm in casual events. Similarly, you can also wear it to prom or weddings. Styling Light blue suits can be styled with different colors. It goes well with a deep blue, burgundy, and patterned tie, or you can wear it without a tie for a more casual look. Furthermore, you can pair it up with white or brown shoes and even black shoes and a tie.

Gray Suits: Sober and Elegant

Gray is the third most popular suit color and can be an alternative to Navy blue. There is a wide range of shades in gray, from charcoal gray to ash gray. Moreover, do not go more toward the stone gray.

Young Man wearing beautiful gray suit

Charcoal Gray: Timeless

When buying a gray suit, charcoal gray is the safest shade that you can buy. Furthermore, it is timeless and versatile, and if you must own a gray suit, it should be charcoal gray. Similarly, you can wear it during fall, winter, and early spring for business events and weddings. The best thing about gray suits, mainly charcoal gray, is that it is formal but not too formal. It is associated with wealth, wisdom, and intelligence; you can wear it to events where everyone is dressed in black and blue. Moreover, it is a neutral color; you can never overdo it. Styling You can style charcoal gray suits with a nice colored tie and charcoal vest for a classy, sleek look. A white or black silk tie can complement a charcoal gray suit, and older men can wear a gray tie to compliment their facial features. Furthermore, brown shoes are a perfect match for this suit.

Ash Gray: Business and Beyond

Gray is a Chameleon color and works well with almost every color. Moreover, ash gray and light gray suits are perfect for business events that are not too formal. Gray-colored suits are perfect for casual wear and a relaxed, elegant look. Styling Ash gray and light gray suits are usually worn for business events with a casual setting and also for weddings. This color can be matched with pastel colors for a themed wedding or a prom. Moreover, along with pastel ties, burgundy, deep blue, and patterned ties also go well with an ash gray suit.

What is the Best Suit Color for Men?

There is no universal color that looks best on everyone and every occasion. However, it depends on your complexion, season, occasion, and your personal style. Furthermore, if you want to buy a suit for your wedding, you can consider factors like the dress code, wedding theme, your skin tone, and the season. Additionally, if you can't choose or have no specific theme, you can always go right with a navy blue or charcoal gray suit. These two shades can be worn at most events and are formal and semi-formal. Moreover, these colors can be paired with a wide range of other colors due to their subtlety.

White Male and Black Male wearing Blue Suit

Skin Color Coordination with Suit Color

Generally, you should wear whatever makes you feel confident. However, a suit that compliments your skin tone can be a perfect match. Men with cool undertones look good in gray, brown, blue, green, and purple suits, while those with warmer tones shine in bright and light colors; here is a general recommendation for suits on men with different complexions.
  • Light skin complexion looks good in green, khaki, white, black, or brown suits.
  • Dark skin complexion looks good in pastels, white, pink, navy, or tropical colors.
  • The pale skin complexion looks excellent in gray, beige, and navy blue suits.
  • Olive skin complexion can carry every color except brown, yellow, and green.


How many suit colors should a man own?

You should always start with basic colors and have at least three different colored suits, like navy, charcoal gray, and black suits. These three are the most versatile and classy suit colors to own.

Can I wear a gray suit to a formal event?

Yes, you can wear a charcoal gray suit to any formal event. It looks sophisticated and can transition between seasons. However, light gray suits are better for casual settings and are usually preferred for summer or fall weddings.


Everything considered, gray, blue, and black suits offer a spectrum of elegance that can fit any occasion. If you own these three colors or their shades, you are sorted for every occasion, whether it is a timeless formality, corporate professionalism, or a casual event. However, you must learn the art of pairing these shades with the right ties, shirts, vests, and accessories. Your suit color works like a canvas. You can use it to express your purpose and express yourself without saying anything. So, read the blog thoroughly to understand when to wear which color.

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