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Article: A Guide to Men's Fashion Shirts: Exploring Different Styles and Names

A Guide to Men's Fashion Shirts: Exploring Different Styles and Names

A Guide to Men's Fashion Shirts: Exploring Different Styles and Names

For hundreds of years, the term fashion and style has been associated with women and that's the very reason why the majority of people think that only a few types of men's fashion shirts exist. If you are also one of those people, you are mistaken!

Do you know that even t-shirts have more than ten different types? Don't fret since you don't need to buy all these types of T-shirts - In fact, some of them look terrible and should be avoided as long as you are not attending a fancy dress party or doing a Romeo and Juliet parody. 

Anyways, our focus, in this article, will be on shirt styles that every discerning gentleman should know and own in his wardrobe. Get one or two shirts of each of these mentioned styles and you'll be good to become a head turner at every event and occasion. 

So, sit down on the comfiest sofa and read the article to the bottom because this one is going to change your styling perspective for life. Let's begin. 

Styles every man should know and own👔👖🕶️

Basically, men's shirts are divided into two major categories; dress shirts and sports shirts. The category of sports shirts comprises t-shirts, polo shirts, performance shirts, Hawaiian shirts, Henley shirts, and baseball shirts. These shirts are generally worn in leisure time and crafted for casual and smart casual settings.

On the other hand, dress shirts are designed for formal settings like offices, weddings, graduations, cultural events, and black tie events. Let's discuss some signature characteristics of each shirt type in detail to understand when one should be worn exactly. 

Camp Shirts 

Ever seen those beautiful Hawaiian printed shirts that have a front button-down closure with short sleeves, straight hem, and side vents? Such shirts are called camp shirts and suit well for vacations, beach parties, or summer brunches. 

These versatile summer shirts also come with a one-piece collar and front patch pocket located on the left side. They are mostly worn untucked in shorts and chinos which in turn, helps its wearer to achieve an easy-going tropical look. Other names for this type of shirt are lounge shirt, cabin shirt, and cabana shirt. 

Polo Shirts

Being a wardrobe wizard, a polo shirt is an absolute must-have of a men's wardrobe as it can be styled with everything, for anything. These shirts resemble a lot of t-shirts except for having a pointed collar with a 2-3 button closure. Think about those collared T-shirts worn by golf players! Those are what we call polo shirts today.

Polo shirts are available in both full-sleeve and short-sleeve styles and comprise a woven fabric which makes it stand somewhere between casual and formal wear. When paired with loafers and chinos, polo shirts make a great outfit choice for small festivities and semi-formal parties. 

Henley Shirts

Standing below the polo shirts and slightly above classic t-shirts, henley makes an irresistible staple in every guy's closet. Whether you have a meetup with your friends at a pub or plan to chill at home all day watching Netflix, Henley shirts fit you just right.

Due to their easy-going, laid-back appearance, it's quite difficult to make a Henley shirt look formal or dressier but it'll work wonders for every casual occasion where everyone is going to wear jeans and shorts. Mostly, Henley shirts are made up of thick knit fabric which makes it a better option for transition weather. 

Denim Shirts

Initially designed for laborers and cowboys to protect them from direct sunlight and dirt, denim shirts are one of the most timeless pieces of menswear which can never fail to make you look dapper in a crowd. Being quite a sustainable piece of clothing, these shirts can successfully give a refreshing yet stylish look every time you wear them, regardless of how faded it has become. 

Can be worn alone or in layers, as an overshirt, over Henley, or tees, denim is perfect to accentuate your personality all around the year.

Yes, it could be slightly heavier for summer seasons, even when worn alone, but if you want to level up your fashion game in pre-winter seasons, a denim shirt will suit you best. Just make sure not to go all denim while styling by wearing the same colored denim shirt, denim jeans, and denim jacket.

Instead, consider clubbing your denim shirt with a contrasting pair of jeans or white chinos to add more texture and depth to your attire. Just consider thinking out of the box and you'll be amazed by the boundless fashion choices you'd have with a denim shirt. 


A perfect summer-friendly alternative to denim shirts, chambray is famous for its lightweight and plain weave and is known as a cousin of denim. Chambray shirts feature a high denim-like appearance and are mostly available in shades of blue and gray. 

Designed specifically for more casual events, chambray looks great when styled in layered and paired with chinos or contrasted jeans. Considering the easy-breezy nature of the fabric, these shirts are more suited to wear in transitional weather or on summer nights. 

Linen Shirts

Designed to give airy, beachy vibes, linen shirts work best in late spring and summer due to being extremely breathable and lightweight. Such shirts are mostly preferred for casual settings, vacations, or leisurely activities but some people also wear them to offices as well. 

And they can't be considered wrong for doing so since linen shirts tow a line between weekend smart and business casual attire by being less formal than classic button-downs but more formal than t-shirts. 

Linen shirts come in different styles including pullovers, short sleeves, and button-downs. And when it comes to colors, the choices are unlimited. However, since these shirts are mainly to beef up your spring and summer wardrobe, you better pick them in lighter shades. 

Dress Shirts

Almost every man has one or two dress shirts in his closet since this type of men's shirt is the most common out there. Available in two main versions; tuxedo and workwear version, a dress shirt can be styled with or without a tie and works great in both casual and formal settings. 

Dress shirts can be customized as per your precise measurements and preferred design elements. However, most off-the-rack dress shirts come with a front button-down closure, a chest patch pocket, rounded cuffs, and a classic spread collar. Mostly available in cotton and polyester fabric, you can style dress shirts with all types of bottom wear to unlock the desired look.

Oxford Shirts

Used by office goers today, oxford shirts were originally used by horse riders since they offer both durability and breathability. Almost all of their design elements resemble a classic button but still, they are categorized in separate categories due to being made up of a specific type of fabric - Oxford broadcloth fabric. 

These shirts are mostly common in white color but you can also buy them in a myriad of colors today. Whether it's a funeral or a wedding, a hectic office day, or a romantic date, an Oxford shirt makes a perfect choice to look extremely sophisticated and well-groomed. Plus, you can wear your oxford shirt either as an overshirt with a Henley or tee underneath or solo. 


A combination of shirt and jacket, shakets are high-quality button-down shirts that are generally made up of thick fabric to make you look more masculine. Being a highly versatile workwear option, shackets can be worn solo, layered, or with a tailored jacket, as per the weather conditions. However, the fabric could be a bit warmer for summer. That's why you better keep them only in your winter or pre-winter workwear collection.

Crafted with too much structure and personality, these shirts are not meant to be soft against your body, but rough and tough. That's the very reason why most such shirts come with a hard, pointed collar that stays tall even when wet. 


Q1: What are the names of men's fashion shirts?
Answer: There are more than 20 different shirt styles for men but the best ones are oxford shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, camp shirts, t-shirts, denim shirts, chambray shirts, linen shirts, and shackets.

Q2: What are the two types of shirts?

Answer: Men's shirts are often divided into two categories; sports or camp shirts and dress shirts. Camp shirts are loose-fitted ones and are designed for casual events whereas dress shirts come with tailored fit and suit formal events. 

Q3: Which type of shirt suits me?
Answer: You may choose a shirt type as per your body shape. For example, a shirt in a classic cut style looks great on triangle-shaped bodies (narrow shoulders, wide waistlines) whereas a slim-fit shirt will accentuate an inverted body shape (broader shoulders and narrow waist).

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