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Article: Made-to-Order Shirts vs. Custom-Made Shirts [COMPLETE GUIDE]


Made-to-Order Shirts vs. Custom-Made Shirts [COMPLETE GUIDE]


The majority of people believe that made-to-order and custom-made are two different names for a single thing but unfortunately, they are extremely mistaken here. Even though the difference between these two entities is really very small, nearly unnoticeable, it can alter the resulting product to a great extent. 

So today, we are going to highlight the basic difference between custom-made and made-to-order clothes; how are they different? Which option is more pocket-friendly? Which one is more flexible? Which one comes with the quickest turnaround time? And which one offers a greater room for customization? 

Just grab the comfiest sofa and read the article to the bottom so you can invest your hard-earned money on nothing but the absolute best. 

Made To Order Vs. Custom Made

What is Made to Order?

The basic definition of made-to-order is making a product specifically according to a customer's chosen specifications. However, these specifications are predetermined by the brand and the customer is bound to choose only from the list of specifications, listed on the website. 

For example, a clothing brand may offer a formal shirt that can be tailored as per limited options of color, fabric type, collar type, and size. Out of these predetermined sets of specifications, they don't offer to personalize any other element. For instance, you can ask them to add a specific number of buttons, position of chest pocket, color of buttons, etc. Likewise, you can't order shirts in a fabric type that is not enlisted. 

Besides, made-to-order clothes are sewn whenever a customer places an order, instead of sewing a whole bunch of inventory in advance. This, in turn, saves energy, time, space, and money from being wasted on unsold stock. 

To place an order for a made-to-order shirt, all you need to do is select one option for each specification (color, size, fabric, etc.) and wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep - quite easy peasy though! 

What is custom-made?

Custom-made or tailor-made services refer to creating a unique shirt, as per the special requirements and absolute measurements of a customer. In this sort of service, even the tiniest details are considered on the customer's behalf, such as the number of buttons, stitch density, pocket shape, ease at neck area, cut, and even the design or pattern of the garment. 

Some manufacturers also offer to create personalized embroidery and monograms on your custom-made shirts to make the whole shopping experience even more special. 

In other words, custom-made services offer a wider room for customization than made-to-order ones and are usually hired to bring imagination into reality. Also, custom-made clothes bring a greater sense of individuality, allowing you to get your hand on the most unique designs that no one could ever have. 

However, since no predetermined options are offered for custom-made clothes, you have to provide details for every element; from collar size to shirt length, waistline, body profile, etc. Some manufacturers offer to come over to take your measurements or host their customers at their outlets for the same purpose but if that's not offered, you need to learn how to take your measurements accurately to get the well-fitting shirt. 

Remember, every single inch counts so make sure you double-check your measurements and discuss all concerns with your tailor. 

Turnaround time

Made-to-order clothes come with a relatively shorter turnaround time (somewhere between 2-4 weeks as the tailor has to work on a few specifications. On the other hand, custom-made clothes take a longer time (6-8 weeks) to get ready and delivered as each piece has to be tailored as per your unique choices. 

In this case, the manufacturer might have to spend more time sourcing a specific fabric, in specific color and pattern. Similarly, he may need even more time to create personalized embroidery or monogram on your custom-made shirt.


We guess you can guess the answer by now! Of course, these are custom-made shirts which are more expensive than made-to-order ones. The reason is that they take more effort, time, and resources. Also, tailors have to work extremely hard to create a custom shirt that exactly matches your imagination. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to customize a shirt without having advanced machinery and equipment handy. 


Q1: Why do people buy custom clothes?
The primary reason why people show a willingness to spend more time and energy buying custom shirts is that such clothes eliminate even the tiniest need for alteration. Such clothes hug all the corners of your body accurately and serve a long time due to being made up of top-grade materials. 

Q2: Is a custom shirt made-to-order?
Yes, Like made-to-measure clothes, custom-made are also sewn when an order is placed which cuts down the wastage of materials, time, and energy.

Q3: Where do you measure to get custom clothes?
Almost every single thing needs to be taken into consideration to get a shirt customized. The basic measurements include waist, highest and widest point of hips, widest part of the upper arm, shoulder to shoulder, neck to sleeve length, collarbone to waist length, neck size, neck to shoulder, cross front, and cross back.

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