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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Dress

Mens Wedding Dress Guide and Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Dress

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Wedding Dress: All You Need to Know

Choosing a wedding dress can be troublesome, especially when you have unlimited options, as those days are gone when a simple black dress was the norm of the day. It becomes even more challenging when you are a man. But having an idea about the time, venue, and style of a wedding can give you a peek at what to wear. Is your mind currently boggled by the dress choices and don’t have any clue about the right outfit? Keep on reading this ultimate guide to men’s wedding dresses and explore new options.

Men’s Wedding Dress by Venue

Venue can play a great role in helping you decide what and what not to wear. The choice of venue gives you a lot of room to play with colors and styles. Here is a breakdown of what might be a suitable dress option based on the venue.

Church Weddings

Church Wedding Decoration

Church weddings are all about following old traditions and paying respect to your culture. Most men like to wear black and navy suits with solid-colored bow ties. But when it comes to expressing your personality, do put more effort into accessories like suspenders, pocket squares, and cufflinks.

Beach Weddings

Beach Wedding Dressing Code

Speaking of beach weddings, neutral colors are the way to go. Most men like to opt for khakis and tans, and at this point, it has become a staple. That said, do not restrict yourself and explore pastel options, and always go for lighter fabrics like linen and cotton. Stay away from the tie or bowtie, as it can make you look too formal.

Winery Events

winery wedding venue

Winery events are most fun when it comes to wardrobe options, as you can experiment with a lot, from color to pattern. Typically, most men prefer wearing a black suit and accessorizing it with a bold bowtie and shoes.

Outdoor Destination Weddings

Outdoor Destination Wedding Event

If the wedding is to happen outdoors, surrounded by woods or mountains, there is a high chance that most people would prefer a suit. But you have room to play with colors. Using patterned ties and opting for bold color options like neon, greens, and wood may appeal to the venue.

Men’s Wedding Dress by Season

Though dressing according to seasons can seem pretty straightforward, it is not as easy. You need to put in a little effort when choosing your wedding dress in each season. Here is what you need to know about men's wedding dresses by season.

Fall Weddings

Fall may not be an exciting time, but fall weddings are definitely the best. Here, you can go for dark and deep color tones like green, maroon, khakis, and gold. Also, there is a lot of room for textures and patterns in fall weddings, as you can add layers on layers.

Winter Weddings

For a winter wedding, I would say stick to the typical black or navy suit options. But here, you can always work with thicker fabrics like velvet and homespun.

Spring Weddings

When it is the spring wedding, you have to stick to lighter shades and fabrics. But this is the time to experiment with accessories like cufflinks, bow ties, suspenders, and so on. Whatever you choose, opt for pastels and neutral colors.

Summer Weddings

Light colors are the way to go for summer weddings. This is because everyone is focused on the uncomfortable high temperature and prefers to go for casual styles with lighter fabrics and shades. Also, you can skip adding and removing pieces like cropped pants, blazers, and socks.

Men’s Wedding Dress by Dress Code

Now, let us discuss how to match your wedding dress with the dress code going on that day, which is undoubtedly the easiest category on this list. Typically, the wedding dress code falls into three categories: black tie, casual, and cocktail.

Black-Tie Wedding

The most formal affair of all, the beautiful black-tie wedding is all about tuxedos, better if it is black. Pair it up with a black bowtie, white shirt, and black shoes, and there is no better option than this.

Casual Wedding

A small, intimate backyard wedding can be defined as a casual wedding, and you need to dress accordingly, especially when it is only a family affair. In this case, a full three-piece suit can be too formal for the day. So, what’s better is well-pressed suit pants with loafers, a dress shirt, and a blazer (which is completely optional).

Cocktail Wedding

A cocktail wedding dress for grooms typically includes a suit (can be black or navy), a dress shirt, and a necktie (you can also replace it with a bow tie). To pair it up, most men prefer brown or black shoes.

Men’s Wedding Dress by Theme

Finally, the theme is also a big part of choosing men's wedding dresses. But sometimes, themes are not explicitly stated in the invitations, which means you have to read between the lines. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get dressed according to the theme of the day.
  • Most wedding themes are centered around garden parties, backyard vibes, vintage style, classic Hollywood, and sometimes even Halloween.
  • Do consider keeping the theme subtle. Don’t go over the board and only choose some accessories to match the theme, not the entire outfit.
  • You do not have to pay extra attention to the theme unless it is Halloween. Even then, control your temptations and only add a few details to your dressing.

How to Dress on Weddings: Useful Tips for Men

Now that you have all the information on how to select and choose wedding dresses, it is time to get the outfit ready. Preparing for the big day is by far the most hectic and tiresome experience anyone can have. So, here are some tips and tricks for my side to help you ease it.
  • Always dry clean your wedding dresses, as you don’t always have the budget to buy a new one each time. Dry cleaning saves a large chunk of your budget and keeps your suits in brand-new condition.
  • Having a black tuxedo is a must for everyone. It never goes wrong for weddings.
  • Layering is your best companion when it comes to dressing for weddings. No matter the temperature, layering (light or heavy according to season) can help you look presentable.
  • You need to pay extra attention to the accessories. This is because, in most cases, these are the only things you can express yourself through. So, while selecting accessories, consider everything from theme to season and venue.
  • Fit is a great determinant of how you look at weddings. Nothing compares to a well-fitted suit. So, when you are preparing a dress, make sure to send it for custom fittings.


What is the best dress to wear to a wedding for men?

Black or navy suits never go wrong when it comes to weddings. Also, you can pair it up with customized cufflinks, suspenders, bow ties, etc.

What color shirt should a man wear to a wedding?

White is a universal color for men's wedding dresses. But there are no rules; you can choose any solid color you like. Some popular choices are navy, blue, and charcoal.

Can I wear velvet at winter weddings?

Yes, thick velvet is a great option for winter weddings. It not only keeps you warm but also helps you make a style statement.

What is the dress code for a 5 o’clock wedding?

Typically, 5 o’clock weddings in the evening call for formal attire. But it also depends largely on the location itself. So, pick any formal outfit, keeping the venue in mind.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I completely understand that choosing a dress for a wedding as a man can be hectic and mind-boggling, especially when you have multiple options. What’s better is to approach it with care and consider factors like season, theme, venue, and dress code. Finally, I hope this guide has been helpful in choosing which outfit will work for the coming wedding.

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