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Article: 10 Menswear Expert Secrets That Define Your Style


10 Menswear Expert Secrets That Define Your Style

Men's fashion has evolved over centuries from English suits to tuxedos and polos. It has seen several trends and never-ending statements. However, when it comes to fashion, it is all about building your own style, getting it right, and carrying it with poise and confidence. But not everyone has access to the grooming secrets that help build a personality and refine style. Suppose you are clueless on this matter but truly want to feel good about your outfit choices and style; no worries. Here are the ten menswear expert secrets that define your style and help you groom, so dive right in to know more.

Say No to Patterns

Patterns in men's clothing are a big no, as they act as a distraction and look very tough on the eyes, so even if you want to use them, restrict them to your ties. What may work for male dressing is to go for solids, as they look sophisticated and complement all sorts of colors. It gives you a lot of freedom to experiment with colors, and you can also choose certain colors for your outfits as you gradually feel comfortable with them.

Choose Trends Carefully

There is no such trend as timeless style, and each trend has a life. It can happen that one may last longer than the other, but eventually, it is bound to end. Hence, it is ideal that you do not spend your hard-earned money on trends that are not going to be there for a long time. A well-dressed and better-fitted dress is better than the one bought by getting inspired by the upcoming trends. You need to build your collection over time and stay loyal to it. And it is completely understandable that this takes time, and there is no need to rush things. This does not mean that you should restrict yourself from following trends and fashion. A good way to approach trends is by experimenting with colors, fabrics, and silhouettes, as they can work every time.

Do Not Impersonate

We all have been there when we used to look at other people for style inspirations, especially celebrities like Matt Damon, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Renolds. But we often forget to consider different body shapes, and what may look good on them may not be suitable for your body. So, what’s better is that you do not seek inspiration from outside and fall into a trap and try to innovate.

Choose Fit Over Fashion

It is always better that you prefer fit over fashion, as fashion and trends are always changing, and you want to establish something that is long-lasting and permanent. Whatever you choose to wear, if it is properly stitched and fitted, it will look better. Most fashions and trends can look outdated when the fit is not to your body shape and size.

Do Not Stuff the Accessories

Accessories are undoubtedly the most effective way of elevating a dress and attracting attention. Whether it is rings, watches, suspenders, bow ties, necklaces, or pocket squares, every single thing matters, and you should be mindful of adding them to your outfit. You can add life to a boring business suit by just adding a pocket square. However, though they are great, using them unnecessarily can easily mess up a dress. Overstuffing accessories can make it look cringe and may distract other people's attention from your outfit, which you do not want. What I usually like is adding just sunglasses and watches, as they are subtle and make a statement.

Get Yourself a Good Tailor

Another good secret of menswear is getting yourself a good tailor, as it never happens that you get the exact same size as your body. Sometimes, the shirt gets too long, and other times, it looks oversized and baggy on you, which is not at all suitable, especially when you are based in a commercial setting. What is better is to get a good tailor and get all your clothes altered to your size.

Learn Everything About the Dress Code

Style is more about not making mistakes than following the rules. Have you ever seen something in a corporate space wearing flip-flops and a tee with slacks? It would be insane because there is a specific dress code for certain places you need to follow subconsciously, though not entirely. So, if you have been making these small mistakes, it is better to take some time out and do a little bit of research about professional dress codes. If you are a business professional entering corporate life, definitely learn the differences between business formals, casual formals, and smart casuals.

Do Not Fear the Suit

You do not have to be afraid of wearing suits, as they can be your best friends in a corporate professional environment. You only need to make sure that it is well-fitted and customized to your liking. The rule of thumb for suits is that they should be comfortable and allow easy movement, which is possible with a higher and broader armhole. You do not have to spend so much time on construction; rather, go for the type that suits your style better. For instance, some people are fond of English suits, while others prefer Italian and French suits. All in all, having a charcoal, navy, and black bow tie is a must-have for any man living in 2023.

Do Not Be Afraid to Layer Up

I have stressed a lot of times to layer up your fabrics, as it is the key to men’s clothing. And if you are based in a cold climate, it is an added advantage, given that it will help you feel warm and cozy at all times. But before you decide to layer up your fabrics, it is ideal to look up the layering rules.
  • Always add knitted sweaters over button-up shirts.
  • Always put a jacket and blazer over knitted sweaters.
  • Vests typically go over your formal work shit.
  • Jackets always go above vests and henleys.

Put Extra Effort in the Shoes

Last but not least, shoes are a big part of your personality, but most people undermine them and wear the wrong shoes according to the occasion, which can ruin the entire outfit in a second. I have seen many guys wearing athletic shoes with business suits and flip-flops with jeans that look pathetic. It does not mean you should plan a shopping trip and buy new, fancy shoes; rather, you should do some research and find out which outfit to research which shoes. Only then will you be able to make an impression. For instance, the best choice to pair up your business formals with is the brown leather chukka boots.


Q1: How can I become more stylish?

Well, more than clothes, it is about comfort and confidence. If you prefer wearing a certain type of clothing that is well-fitted and carries it right, there is no other person more stylish than you. So, what is better is to work on your body language and build a unique clothing style.

Q2: Do I really need to buy a suit?

Yes, suits, especially navy, black, and khaki, are a must-have for anyone living today. This is because they never go wrong as long as you know how to style them. Accessorizing any suit with a pocket square and cufflinks can add life to it.

Q3: What makes you well-dressed?

Well-dressed men are those who wear decent, subtle, well-fitted dresses that are neither too tight nor too baggy. They have coherence in their clothing. Also, they have mastered the art of wearing anything with confidence.

Q4: How can I learn to dress well?

You can dress really well by focusing on how it sits on your body. If you wear clothes that are either right or oversized, it may impact the way an outfit looks. And this is why you should get yourself a tailor and instruct him clearly on how you want to alter your clothes.

Final Thoughts

Defining your style and picking daily outfits that reflect your unique personality can be a challenge, especially when you are just starting out. There is much to unravel, from the fittings to dress choices, modern trends, confidence, and much more. Though it is difficult, you can get ahead with a little bit of research and the right strategies to include in your day-to-day dress choices. Finally, I hope this guide has been helpful in figuring out ways that can help you define your style.

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