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Article: Why Should You Choose 100% Cotton Shirts?

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Why Should You Choose 100% Cotton Shirts?

You are unable to decide which shirt fabric is good for both style and comfort with environmentally friendly properties, right? Comfort and style are the two major things that determine a shirt’s ability to serve; some are highly comfortable, while others are perfectly stylish. Generally , most people wear 100% cotton shirts as they are happy with the fabric and classic style to make them look like models. But a question arises here: why should one choose 100% cotton shirts where he can pick up the composite material, denim, wool, rayon, silk, and so on? I have been answering this query by recommending people to use original cotton shirts, and later, they praise it. However, it is time to reveal why you should choose 100% pure cotton shirts and the advantages of using them, so come with me to explore more if you care for your style and comfort.

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Why Should You Choose 100% Cotton Shirts?

The history of cotton is rich, but it was not a well-known fabric in the past, around 3000 BC. Cotton origins are traced in the Indus Valley and the Americas; indigenous people such as the Aztecs and Incas originated cotton, and later, Egyptians and Chinese used it, but still, the fabric was not used widely. In the 16th century, the fabric was imported to Europe, and people started using it widely; till the 20th century, more than 100 countries started using cotton. In this short history, you can learn that cotton originated almost 5,000 years ago, but it became common in the 2oth century, so there must be a reason why people started using it widely in the 20th century. In my opinion, that is because it is simple to maintain, stylish, and has varieties, so one can use a type of cotton in summer while another for the winter; that's why it is used in both cold and hot regions of the world. Interestingly, 100% cotton shirts, T-shirts, and polo shirts are the most famous on the west side, while people use 100% cotton dresses on the Eastern side.

Reasons To Wear 100% Cotton

1. Comfort Of Cotton

The first thing I have found is that people should wear 100% cotton shirts because it is highly comfortable. There are three types of cotton, Upland, Pima, and Egyptian cotton, all used equally. However, if you compare them in terms of comfort, then I have observed that Pima and Egyptian cotton are the most comfortable. That is because these cotton have longer fibers than the others, and these fibers make them durable. Well, Egyptian cotton is the most valuable because of its luxurious fabric and softness. Additionally, cotton is among a few hypoallergenic fabrics, meaning it is one that causes minimal irritation in case you are injured or have skin rashes, so if you want to wear a comfortable dress, then go for 100% cotton shirts.

2. Breathability

When it comes to shirts, especially for sports such as 100% cotton polo shirts or t-shirts for baseball, we do not focus on the breathability and run to purchase random ones that look attractive. However, in terms of breakability, the best fabric is cotton because its long fibers allow air to circulate independently. You have seen that the sweat in a cotton shirt is absorbed quickly rather than the linen or rayon fabric. Basically, cotton fibers are made of cellulose, and the molecular structure creates tiny gaps among the fibers. Therefore, the air and heat have proper ways to remove the cotton's moisture when one is sweating in a cotton shirt. So, cotton is more breathable and useful for sports compared to other fabrics.


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3. Versatility

There is no doubt that cotton is a versatile fabric one can use for all occasions, from parties to textile work and medical work. Now you may be wondering how these three areas are related to cotton, not only these three but also on other occasions such as orientation in the university, the first day of the job or an interview for college admission, and so on, one can use cotton shirts on every event. You should notice that there are 100% cotton T-shirts, dress shirts, and casual shirts available, so one can pick up a T-shirt for a casual dress and a dress shirt for an interview. Furthermore, cotton is suitable with denim pants, wool sweatshirts, or leather jackets. In simple words, it is the most versatile fabric one can use with all kinds of pants, uppers, jackets, coats, or neckwear.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is the most neglected factor when you compare two fabrics, but in my opinion, it is the most important one. I tell you how: basically, when you purchase a shirt, the purpose is to use it for a long duration. However, the thing that causes trouble is the dust and removing that dust from the shirt, but unfortunately, one cannot remove it without damaging the fibers of a fabric. Now, it is clear that one should purchase a shirt that offers strong and long-term performance fabric fibers, and that is cotton. According to the experts, one can wash cotton fabric daily and still provide a long service life. Additionally, one can use all kinds of water, from salt to fresh and cold to hot, for cleaning the cotton shirt. Stepping ahead, cotton is the easiest to maintain fabric because one can use a machine to wash it, and it is suitable for tumble drying. If you do not have any idea, it is a process in which we dry a cloth by providing low heat. Lastly, one does not need special instructions to wash the cotton, so using cotton is more convenient than other fabrics.


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5. Durability

The last and significant factor is the lifespan of fabric; if you invest your hard-earned money in purchasing a 100% cotton shirt, it should stay with you for a long duration. The fact is that cotton has the ability to keep its strength for years because of its natural cellular structure. The cotton fibers are made of cellulose, a strong material, and it is arranged in a spiral pattern, which makes them more powerful and robust. Another feature is that cotton has wear and tear-resistant abilities, making it a natural abrasion-resistant fabric. In case you need more skin security, then you should use 100% cotton dresses because they protect the skin efficiently from abrasions. Another factor is the tensile strength, which means the ability to stand against stretching. Cotton has a high tensile strength which prevents stretching and accidental tears. The cotton fibers are naturally resistant because they have more springiness, so the fabric can be restored after being stretched, and one will not see stretching marks. Lastly, cotton offers long-lasting colors as it has a high color retention ability.

Final Words

100% Cotton shirt is not just a fabric but a different dimension of fashion and style; its user not only feels comfortable but also looks cool and fascinated. In my opinion, cotton shirts belong to a high-class fashion sense where simplicity and sophistication are everything. Anyhow, I have explained why you should choose 100% cotton shirts and the advantages of using them. I hope you find this information helpful; thank you.

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