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Article: Remote Work Wardrobe: Impact on Mood and Productivity

remote work wardrobe

Remote Work Wardrobe: Impact on Mood and Productivity

If you are on call from your workplace and currently working from home, you might feel confused about what to wear every single day. Some of you might not even bother to shower most of the day. But let me just tell you how wrong and unprofessional that is because you are still on duty, and your company may call you up any time of the day during your working hours. So, you should look neat, clean, and professional, at least during working hours, so that when you do get hauled into an impromptu meeting, you would not have to ask for extra time to look presentable. It will have a negative impact on your image and make you look unprofessional. For further work wardrobe-related details, read the following article.

Remote Work Wardrobe

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Simple Rules For Remote Work Wardrobe

Say No To Hard Pants

Hards may look classy and professional, but I think we can all agree that hard pants are not a very comfortable option. Sitting at home all day with no one to see whether you are wearing hard pants or soft pants. So, what is the point of going to the trouble of wearing uncomfortable pants all day long, right? So, I would suggest that you choose more comfortable material pants so that you can have more room for movement. Loose-fitting, soft pants are the best option if you ask me.

Wear Simple Layers

Wearing single-layer clothes can be a problem for you if you are working from home. You can never decide whether to wear thick clothes or thin clothes at home, given how unreliable the home thermostats can be. You might feel hot if you wear heavy clothes or cold if you wear thin clothes. So what I would suggest is to wear your clothes in simple layers. For instance, you may start off with a tank top and then wear a cardigan or cashmere on top so that you can easily take it off if you feel too hot. Instead, if you wear a turtleneck instead of a tank top, you can not do anything about it if you feel hot during the day. So, always choose simple layering.

Choose Versatile Clothes

Working from home does not require you to wear fully official clothes all the time. In fact, you can choose to wear versatile clothes that you can keep wearing all day long during your work meetings, zoom sessions, and coffee breaks. Most importantly, you need to wear clothes that allow for maximum movement so that you can easily sit through meetings, do your household chores, and run grocery errands in the same outfit. I know it might sound confusing, but if you pay close attention to your wardrobe, you will find plenty of options. Simple, plain solids coupled with soft pants and a few cardigans will all combine to make cute fits every day. And the best part is that you may throw a black blazer on top of your oldest tank top.

Opt For Casual Yet Professional

If you think casual fits can not look professional, you have got another thought coming! You will be surprised by how professional your casual outfits can combine to be. Besides, why get uncomfortable at your own home by wearing high heels all day long when you can wear Crocs or sandals? Nobody will be looking at your feet, trust me. However, when it comes to your clothing items, you have to be a little creative. You may choose to wear old but clean flannel pants with a plain white T-shirt and a simple black blazer. On the other hand, you could also wear any other pastel-colored T-shirts with black or white blazers to mix things up a little bit. In this way, you can simply skip formal dress shirts and coats in this way.


Men working remotely wearing a tshirt

Be Comfortable In Your Skin

When working on a remote basis, you can wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. And that is one of the things that I love about this mode of working. You could be sitting behind your desk looking polished and professional and yet still be super comfortable in your skin. This feeling only comes from wearing your all-too-familiar home clothes. However, I suggest you do not overdo it by wearing shaggy ripped jeans because that would not look professional from any angle.

Avoid Pajamas

I know pajamas are the best stress relievers and make you feel right at home; however, do not make a habit of wearing pajamas all day long. I say this from experience because, not too long ago, when I was on-call working from home, my senior manager called the whole team up for an impromptu video conference in the middle of the day. I was the only one wearing my Spongebob pajamas that day! The embarrassment of that day motivates me to wake up early every day, take a shower, and change into nicely ironed clothes before I get started on my daily tasks. So, I suggest you learn from my mistake and avoid wearing pajamas at least during weekdays.

Be Conscious Of What You Wear

Wearing printed t-shirts with funny quotes and slogans is all the rage these days; however, not everybody shares the same sentiment. A slogan that might be funny for you could be embarrassing or downright offensive to your work colleagues or seniors. So, it would do you a world of good if you avoid wearing printed t-shirts altogether and resort to basic, plain, and solid colors. You can find plenty of plain boring T-shirts and tank tops lying in the back of your wardrobes.

Mix Things Up A Little Bit

I think we can all agree that there are always a few clothes in our closet that are too boring to wear but too expensive to throw away. However, now is your chance to use those clothes to create new looks for every day. Trust me on this: if you mix a boring clothing item with a chic clothing item, they both couple up to make a bomb outfit for the day. In this way, you could be using all your articles of clothing items at once to create a new look every single day. This little activity will keep you occupied and save you quite a large fortune that you would have to spend on your wardrobe otherwise.

Remote Work Attire for Men

Dress Up To Stay Motivated

Dressing up for the office keeps you motivated and professional. If you start to slack off by wearing old clothes and not showering for days, you will soon begin to lose your professional touch and work ethic. It will negatively impact your self-esteem, and you will soon begin to feel unmotivated and lazy.


What brand of dresses are most suitable for remote working?

If you are working from home, you do not need branded clothes or formal dresses. You just need to look presentable and neat at all times. You can achieve that look by mixing up your regular clothes and throwing a formal black or white blazer on top.

What is the simplest remote working outfit?

Although it is a matter of opinion, if you ask me, the simplest and most comfortable work outfit for working from home is plain a-line trousers with a button-down shirt, knit tank, or silk camisole, topped off with a formal black or white blazer. You may as well prefer to wear tank tops with soft pants and a cardigan for a change.

What kind of clothes should I avoid while working from home?

You should avoid flashy clothes that have dark colors and flashy slogans written all over them. Such funky clothes might offend the sensibilities of some people who do not share the same sentiment. Other than that, you should also avoid wearing ripped, baggy jeans and plunging necklines.

The Bottom Line

Dressing up for remote work every day needs stamina and a great deal of self-discipline. Being at home, you begin to lose interest in looking presentable and professional until you lose all your confidence to face the real world and find yourself skipping video conferences and casual meet-ups. You will begin to develop insecurities that you never thought you had, not to mention severe self-esteem problems. So, to avoid all this, you simply have to develop a routine for yourself and follow it religiously. Wake up every day, take a shower, pamper your skin, put on a cute work outfit, make a neat hairdo, and then face the rest of the day with utter confidence and commitment. Your remote work wardrobe should be simple, comfortable, and classy!

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