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White Multi Color Dots

White Multi Color Dots

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 Woven Cotton Face Mask
  • 3 Layered construction for better Filtration
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Fiber
  • Machine Washable & Reusable
  • Ergonomically adjusted sizing
  • Flexible Elastic Ear-loop for support
  • Color coordinated Ear Loops
  • Unisex Sizing Dimension: 5 3/8" X 8 3/4"

Launching our white multi-color dots mask this summer along with other beautiful face masks in our premium collection, available to purchase in the USA and Canada. 

You could express your colorful personality through it. Made up of tri-ply 100% Egyptian cotton, this organic cotton face mask can provide 99% protection against airborne particles, making it perfect to wear around. 

Since only 100% organic fibers are used in the construction of this best quality white color face mask, it remains extremely comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic throughout the day. Despite having a three-layer construction, our durable white mask doesn't feel suffocating at all instead, allowing the fresh air currents to pass through layers, preventing odor or humidity from sticking inside. Similar features are also available in our Navy Face Mask with Multi Color Face Mask and Black Multi Dot Print Face Mask.

To make it a versatile ergonomically adjustable face mask, we have introduced it in unisex sizing dimensions so every member of your family can wear it, regardless of their gender, face shape, and size. For further support, flexible and color coordinated elastic ear loops are there which, when combined with the sharp contoured design, prevent the mask from slipping down, while breathing or talking. 

Lastly, this excellent quality stylish face mask is washable which means you can use it after a gentle machine wash up to 25 washes. And since multiple washes don't limit this mask's filtration efficiency, it's your go-to, long-lasting solution to get ultimate protection amidst this pandemic. Don't miss out on our exclusive offer: Up to 50% discounts on a variety of products!



Our masks are machine washable and reusable up to 25 washes


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Our premium face covering collection features 100% organic soft cotton which is double layered with a fabric filter inside for extra added protection. It has an ergonomically engineered light weight design with flexible matching elastic ear loops making it ideal for daily outside use.