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Teal Paisley Print

Teal Paisley Print

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 Woven Cotton Face Mask
  • 3 Layered construction for better Filtration
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Fiber
  • Machine Washable & Reusable
  • Ergonomically adjusted sizing
  • Flexible Elastic Ear-loop for support
  • Color coordinated Ear Loops
  • Unisex Sizing Dimension: 5 3/8" X 8 3/4"

A fan of historically rich ornamental designs? If so, here we have a beautiful teal paisley-printed face mask for you all.

We have a whole collection of Organic Face Masks with unique designs and beautiful colors, available in Canada and USA.

Composed of 100% natural Egyptian cotton, our beautiful and enchanting teal face mask consists of three fabric layers and each one contributes an amazing set of attributes. It also offers Flexible Elastic Ear-loop for support. 

For example, the innermost layer of Larimars best quality ergonomically adjustable face mask contains 100% organic fibers which makes the inner lining extremely soft and skin-friendly so the mask won't irritate your skin, even after wearing it for long hours. On the other hand, the middle layer of fabric holds extraordinary moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, along with 99% filtration efficiency. 

This high quality premium face mask keeps you protected from 99% airborne particulates so you'll stay safe while breathing in this alarmingly harmful air. Speaking of the outermost layer of this excellent quality cotton fabric mask, it is printed with 100% natural, chemical-free, and eco-friendly dyes. Not only are these dyes gentle on your skin and environment but also fade-proof, keeping this washable cotton fabric mask looking as fresh as new, even after countless washes. You can also find similar features in our Beautiful White Rainbow Print and Elegant Navy Parrot Print.

Not only the print and design of this mask will remain unaffected on machine washing but also its filtration efficiency and other good properties will retain up to 25 washes, making it the best cotton mask for everyday use. Take advantage of our exclusive offer with Up to 50% Discounts on a wide range of products.



Our masks are machine washable and reusable up to 25 washes


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Our premium face covering collection features 100% organic soft cotton which is double layered with a fabric filter inside for extra added protection. It has an ergonomically engineered light weight design with flexible matching elastic ear loops making it ideal for daily outside use.