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Classic Leather Belt

Classic Leather Belt

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Details : Snap Button,1.5. Inch Wide
Origin : Imported 
Material : 100% Leather Belt
Color: Brown / Black

As a hardworking and premium-quality staple, our classic leather belt deserves a place in every gentleman's wardrobe. It’s a beautiful addition in our leather belts collection, available in two colors, black and brown, for delivery in the USA and Canada. 

Made up of import-quality, 100% original leather, this beautiful belt is built and designed to last a lifetime. 

The heavy-duty material used in the construction of this men's belt is proven to stay in its finest shape, without breaking or splitting like other belts. 

Likewise, you can be rest assured that only firm and 100% pure organic leather is used to make the full length, and no filler, glues, layers, or grain corrections are utilized to enhance our high quality belt’s thickness. 

Besides offering impressive durability and tensile strength, this stylish leather belt for men also features a smooth finish with a matte underside and painted edges. In addition to this, this 1.5 inches wide men's waistband can be further secured with a belt loop which is made of the same material used to build the rest of the strap. Explore our leather collection, featuring not only Leather Belts but also a range of beautiful and durable leather laptop bags and leather wallets.

This single-prone, snap-button leather belt can be paired equally well with jeans, chinos, or any other outfit that requires a belt. The bottom line is, whether you want a dress belt or work belt, casual belt, or one for EDC, this product is perfect for everyday use, making it the best everyday belt out there. Take advantage of our exclusive offer with Up to 50% discounts on a wide range of products.


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